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Mr Tiryaki on The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery

Mr Tunc Tiryaki, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic was featured on BBC's "The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery" performing a cutting-edge facelift using regenerative cells.

In this episode, Mr Tiryaki's 48-year-old patient wanted to address concerns including loss of volume, sagging skin and the deep lines on her face to help restore her appearance to how it looked 10 years previously. The patient underwent a Regenerative Cell Treatment to help achieve this. Two weeks post-procedure, the patient returns for a check-up where she says that the subtle results have given her more than what she had hoped for.

This innovative procedure harnesses the body's natural regenerative mechanism - adult stem cells, which are derived from fat tissue extracted through liposuction. These cells are separated and then reinjected into the face to kick-start the rejuvenation process which includes smoothing lines and wrinkles, restoring volume in the face and improving skin quality. The results are natural, last much longer and are more durable than alternative treatments.

This procedure was performed under local sedation as a day case. No large incisions were made so there is no scaring. It is relatively painless and swelling and bruising subside after 7 days and full results are evident after 3 months.

The Cadogan Clinic is a Centre of Excellence for Cosmetic Treatment and is renowned for its expertise in pioneering anti-ageing and cosmetic techniques in the UK. The world-leading surgeons are committed to pioneering new treatments and innovating the field and have introduced many new procedures and techniques such as introducing liposuction to the UK, certain cosmetic laser treatments and more recently fat banking after liposuction (storage of fat in a tissue bank for later injection to allow a greater fat grafting volume) and Super Enriched Tissue storage and injections.

To watch the full episode of The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery visit the BBC website.

For further information or to book a consultation with Mr Tiryaki please contact the team on 0808 223 0703.

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