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How much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

When it comes to making a decision about which provider or surgeon to select as your chosen preference for your Breast Reduction, safety and quality of care are the most important considerations, as well as your chosen Clinic and surgeon’s level of Breast Reduction experience procedures.

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Author: Mr. Bryan Mayou, MB ChB FRCS

Date: 6th January 2021

Medically Reviewed by:  Mr. Bryan Mayou (GMC: 1414396)

Last reviewed: 7th February 2024

Breast Reduction Surgery at the Cadogan Clinic

Breast reduction surgery removes breast tissue to improve the size, weight, and appearance of large breasts, and – in some cases – change the breast contours to make them more shapely. 

Breast reduction surgery focuses on removing excess tissue in the breast, as well as fat and skin to lighten the weight and prominence of the breast. Your nipples will be reshaped or raised, along with the breast, which will create a perkier – and ultimately more aesthetic - breast shape.  

We have invited a selection of the country's very best plastic and oncoplastic specialist breast consultants to join us at the Cadogan Clinic so that you can be sure that you will be seeing one of the top breast surgeons in the country. 

How Much is a Breast Reduction Procedure at the Cadogan Clinic?

The prices in the table below are a guide only, and various factors may impact your final quotation including:

  • The consultant performing your Breast Reduction
  • Length of procedure and any additional complexity involved
  • Other procedures being carried out alongside your Breast Reduction

All finance examples given below include a £500 deposit. 


Procedure Guide Starting Price Monthly Payments over 12 months Monthly Payments over 30 months
Breast Reduction - unilateral £5900 £450.00 £125.56
Breast Reduction - bilateral £9100 £772.04 £199.97
Breast Reduction - bilateral + implants £10,700 £915.68 £237.17
Breast Reduction - bilateral + implant removal £10,200 £870.79 £225.55


Being accepted for finance is subject to status. Conditions apply.  

Representative example: Cash price of goods/amount of credit £5900 with £500 deposit; 12 monthly payments of £450.00; Total amount repayable £5400.00; Representative 0% APR.

  • 0% APR is available on loans of up to £6,900 repaid over 12 months
  • All loans either over £6,900, or of any amount repaid between 24 to 60 months are subject to an interest rate of 14.9% APR.

The prices provided are representative of the procedures performed at Cadogan Clinic but are not exhaustive.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Surgical Patient Advisors to discuss Breast Reduction prices and finance plans. 

What is included in the Breast Reduction Price at the Cadogan Clinic?

Breast Reduction procedure prices include: 

  • Up to two 30 minute – 60 minute consultations with a leading specialist plastic surgeon at our award-winning premises in Chelsea 
  • Your procedure carried out at London’s leading specialist cosmetic surgery centre of excellence 
  • Return home on the same day to recover in comfort in your own home 
  • 24/7 on call nurse assistance 
  • Dedicated Patient Co-ordinator, as a personal point of contact through your journey with Cadogan 
  • A pre-operative medical assessment to ensure you are fit for surgery 
  • Comprehensive post-operative aftercare courtesy of our specialist cosmetic nurses 

Where Can I See Breast Reduction Before and Afters?

You can see breast reduction before and afters at our breast reduction before and after gallery.

Why Do Breast Reduction Costs Vary by Clinic?

Breast Reduction costs vary materially between Clinics, with the main difference between being the quality and safety of their care and aftercare.  

There is a wide diversity in the average cost of breast reductions across the UK, with the key driving factors including: 

  • Reputation, experience and quality of the Clinic 
  • Reputation, experience and quality of the Surgeon 
  • Reputation, experience and quality of the specialist Nursing staff 
  • Quality of Clinical pre-and post operative care 
  • Safety track record of Clinic and surgeon 
  • Location of Clinic 

At the Cadogan Clinic we only work with the very best surgeons and nursing staff at our specialist facilities in Chelsea. Our emphasis is on providing safe, high quality surgery and excellent value for money to all of our patients.  

We also offer all our breast reduction patients access to our in house expertise for managing breast reduction scars post operatively. 

What Do We Think is Important When Determining How Much to Pay For a Breast Reduction?

When it comes to making a decision about which provider or surgeon to select as your chosen preference for your Breast Reduction procedure, safety and quality of care are typically the most important considerations to think about, alongside any Clinic and surgeon’s level of experience with Breast Reduction procedures. 

That said, the price and cost of your Breast Reduction does of course also play a big part in any calculation. 

Words from our clients:

Get in touch today to discuss Breast Reduction costs/prices

Please do feel free to get in touch today with one of our specialist patient advisors who can share more information regarding our Breast Reduction cost/prices, as well as more detail regarding our Clinic’s approach and experience with this procedure.

What our Breast Reduction Patients Say

“I had a Breast Reduction six weeks ago with David Gately at the Cadogan Clinic and my experience couldn't have been better. As soon as I had my consultation, I knew he was the surgeon for me. He advised me exactly how the procedure would take place, and even invited me for a complementary second consultation to discuss my motivations in greater detail. The whole team at the Cadogan Clinic were excellent and they made me feel really at ease.” 

“The team at Cadogan Clinic and my breast reduction surgeon Mr Will Sarakbi made me feel really comfortable throughout the process. The aftercare I have received has been particularly exemplary and the nursing staff very attentive. I would highly recommend anyone considering a breast reduction to go to the Cadogan Clinic.” 

“The Cadogan Clinic and Mr Sadideen made possible what I was told by other leading surgeons was not possible given the complexity of my case. I had been suffering from a bad case of puffy nipple for many years, and after several surgeries at less well known clinics, I now have a much flatter chest and I can do normal things that most guys don’t even think about, like go swimming, that I have not done for many years. I feel so much better. ” 

Words From Our Founder

Mr. Bryan Mayou

Choosing a plastic surgeon for Breast Reduction solely based on cost, may compromise both safety and results. Opting for a slightly higher price ensures access to an experienced surgeon and high standards of care. Skilled surgeons prioritise patient safety and satisfaction, delivering physical transformation and peace of mind. Investing wisely in expertise and quality care is crucial for optimal outcomes and long-term well-being. Cadogan Clinic has partnered with Chrysalis Finance to ensure that patients are able to access the highest standards of care without worrying about a large upfront cost.
Mr. Bryan Mayou

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