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Selecting the right surgeon and clinic for your Labiaplasty is crucial to getting the desired results without complications. Your surgeon’s experience level with Labiaplasty procedures is also an important factor to consider. 

Labiaplasty is aimed at reshaping or reducing the volume of the labia majora or labia minora to achieve a desired aesthetic outcome or to alleviate discomfort.

It can be categorised into three techniques. Each procedure can take up to 2 hours and is performed under general or local anaesthetic.

The three main types of Labiaplasty are:

  • Trim procedure: This involves trimming the excess labial tissue to decrease the size of the labia minora so they no longer hang below the labia majora.
  • Wedge procedure: Surgeons make a v-shaped cut in a wedge of tissue in the middle of the labia. They then stitch the two separated edges together to tighten the labia. 
  • Central de-epithelialisation: This technique makes incisions to the inside of the labia minora and removes the labia’s outer layer of tissue. The layers underneath are kept as they are, and the two separated edges are sutured together. 

The before and after of Labiaplasty results can vary due to individual circumstances. Consulting with a certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon is essential to discuss your goals, expectations and concerns. The surgeon’s evaluation of your anatomy is crucial in recommending the most appropriate technique for your particular situation.

How Much is a Labiaplasty at Cadogan Clinic?

The prices in the table below are a guide only, and various factors may impact your final quotation including:

  • The consultant performing your procedure
  • Length of procedure and any additional complexity involved
  • Other procedures being carried out alongside your Labiaplasty
  • The exact techniques your surgeon recommends based on your concerns and desired results

All finance examples given below include a £500 deposit.

Procedure Guide Starting Price

Monthly Payments over 12 months 

Monthly Payments over 60 months
Labiaplasty - LA £3700 £266.66 £74.40
Labiaplasty - GA £4100 £300.00 £83.70


Being accepted for finance is subject to status. Conditions apply.  

Representative example: Cash price of goods/amount of credit £5900 with £500 deposit; 12 monthly payments of £450.00; Total amount repayable £5400.00; Representative 0% APR.

0% APR is available on loans of up to £6,900 repaid over 12 months 
All loans either over £6,900 or repaid between 24 to 60 months are subject to an interest rate of 14.9% APR.

The prices provided are representative of the procedures performed at Cadogan Clinic but are not exhaustive.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Surgical Patient Advisors to discuss surgical pricing and finance plans. 

Our world-class surgeons at the Cadogan Clinic prioritise patient safety, and all procedures are carried out in state-of-the-art facilities that are at the forefront of providing Labiaplasty services. We ensure that each procedure is conducted in an environment that meets the highest standards of care. 

The consultants consider many factors, including your overall health, specific anatomical requirements and the complexity of desired outcomes to deliver personalised care.

We encourage you to talk to our surgeons to understand the detailed Labiaplasty surgery cost for a procedure tailored to your specific requirements. This consultation will allow you to discuss the most suitable surgical options and factor in any additional elements that could affect the final Labiaplasty procedure cost.

Our direct approach aims to ensure that you receive a clear understanding of the labia removal surgery cost.

What is Included in the Costs of Labia Reduction Surgery?

Opting for a Labiaplasty at Cadogan Clinic addresses your aesthetic and functional concerns and provides you with an esteemed care experience designed to ensure your safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Here is what is included in the labia surgery cost at Cadogan Clinic:

  • Expert consultations: Benefit from one to two detailed consultations, lasting between 30-60 minutes each, with a top-tier specialist plastic surgeon at our world-class facility in London.
  • Premier surgical experience: Your Labiaplasty will be conducted at London’s leading cosmetic surgery centre, which excels in personalised care. The labia reduction cost includes the facility fees. 
  • Home recovery on the same day: You also have the convenience of returning home on the same day for recovery. The labia reduction price includes round-the-clock support by our dedicated on-call nursing team.
  • Personalised coordination: A committed coordinator will guide you through every step of your experience, ensuring a smooth and informed process, which is included in our labia surgery price.

Post-surgery, you will receive exceptional aftercare from our specialist cosmetic nurses, focusing on your recovery and optimal outcomes. 

Our clinic prides itself on delivering comprehensive pre and post-operative care, encapsulating the essence of a superior Labiaplasty journey. We highly recommend you consult with our patient advisor to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and discuss any potential additional labia minora reduction cost.

Does Labiaplasty Cost More in London Than the Rest of the UK?

The Labiaplasty cost in London can vary for several reasons, including the calibre of the surgeon and the post-operative care provided.

  • The clinic’s and surgeons’ reputation, experience and expertise
  • The level of clinical care provided before and after the procedure
  • The safety records of the surgeon and the facility
  • The geographic location of the clinic

At Cadogan Clinic, your safety is our top priority. We employ the best surgeons, specialists and nursing staff so you get the absolute best care throughout the procedure.

The cost of Labia Minora Reduction in London can be more compared to the rest of the UK for several reasons, including:

  • Surgeon’s expertise: London attracts the most skilled surgeons specialising in Labiaplasty. These professionals bring in years of experience to the table, justifying a premium for their services. They also have a proven track record of quality outcomes, making a labiaplasty surgery cost higher with them. 
  • Living expenses: London is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and this impacts everything from the clinic operation costs to ancillary services required for patient care. Consequently, these costs factor into the overall labia surgery price.
  • More demand: The city's growing population contributes to a higher demand for procedures like Labiaplasty.

When considering the cost of Labia Reduction Surgery, conducting a thorough comparison of potential clinics within London and other UK regions is best. Evaluating factors should include the surgeon's expertise, possible travel and accommodation expenses for non-local clinics, the extent of post-operative care and recovery support, and any specialised treatment approaches available.

Deciding where to undergo Labiaplasty is personal, and you should carefully consider all related factors. Prioritising your health and safety is paramount. Consulting with qualified surgeons at Cadogan Clinic for a tailored assessment and recommendations is essential in making an informed decision about your care.

Are There Other Factors Which Affect the Cost of Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery cost in the UK is affected by several factors beyond the clinic’s reputation and surgeons’ experience. The pre- and post-surgery care and the clinic’s safety record also influence the labia surgery cost.

Here are key factors affecting the Labiaplasty procedure cost:

  • Type of procedure: The cost can vary greatly depending on whether it focuses on labia majora, labia minora or both. More extensive procedures take longer and cost more.
  • Complexity: Intricacies related to the individual's anatomy or desired outcomes can complicate the surgery, potentially increasing costs.
  • Pre- and Post-Operative Care: The extent and nature of the care provided can influence total costs. This includes initial consultations, follow-up visits, and medications or treatments to facilitate healing.
  • Anaesthesia and facility fees: These costs cover the anaesthesia during the procedure and the use of the surgical facility, both of which are integral to the overall price.
  • Geographic location: Labiaplasty surgery price can vary widely depending on the clinic's location, with metropolitan areas often having higher prices due to increased demand and higher living costs.
  • Surgeon’s experience: Surgeons with a high level of expertise and a strong track record in Labiaplasty may charge more for the procedure, reflecting their expertise and the demand for their skills.
  • Combining with other procedures: The combination of Labiaplasty with other procedures, like a Tummy Tuck or Vaginoplasty, can increase the cost of the procedure due to the complexity of performing multiple procedures in one surgical session. It also requires a more detailed pre-operative assessment to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes but offers the advantage of a single recovery period.

Discussing all aspects of the Labiaplasty cost with professionals is crucial to ensure that you comprehensively understand the total financial investment required. 

Consider quotes you find online as general guidelines. Consulting with one of our expert surgeons can offer the most accurate cost estimate so you can make an informed decision.

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