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What is an Adult Circumcision?

Adult Circumcision is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of the foreskin – the retractable fold of skin covering the end of the penis.

This procedure is usually only carried out for medical reasons such as the foreskin not being able to be pulled back fully, or not being able to return to its original position. This can cause discomfort and affect confidence in intimate relationships.

Adult Circumcision cost can vary depending on the packages offered by different providers. When looking at Circumcision cost UK, you need to understand what influences prices and the impact that may have on your results. 

How Much is an Adult Circumcision at Cadogan Clinic?

The Adult Male Circumcision costs in the table below are a guide only, and various factors may impact your final quote including: 

  • The consultant carrying out your Adult Circumcision
  • The length of time required for the procedure and any additional complexity involved 
  • Any other procedures being carried out alongside your Adult Circumcision 

All finance examples given below include a £500 deposit.

Procedure Guide Starting Price

Monthly Payments over 12 months 

Monthly Payments over 60 months
Adult Circumcision £2,300 £150.00 £41.85


Being accepted for finance is subject to status. Conditions apply.  

Representative example: Cash price of goods/amount of credit £5900 with £500 deposit; 12 monthly payments of £450.00; Total amount repayable £5400.00; Representative 0% APR.

  • 0% APR is available on loans of up to £6,900 repaid over 12 months
  • All loans either over £6,900 or repaid between 24 to 60 months are subject to an interest rate of 14.9% APR.

The prices provided are representative of the procedures performed at Cadogan Clinic but are not exhaustive.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Surgical Patient Advisors to discuss Adult Circumcision pricing.

What Is Included in the Cost of Adult Circumcision at Cadogan Clinic?

The private Circumcision costs UK at Cadogan Clinic include:

  • A dedicated patient advisor as your personal point of contact throughout your Adult Circumcision journey with us
  • Your Adult Circumcision carried out in our dedicated hospital
  • Aftercare from our specialist surgical nurses including our round-the-clock aftercare phone line 

What Affects the Cost of Adult Circumcision in the UK?

There are several factors which can affect the cost of Circumcision in the UK. When researching private Circumcision cost, it is important to take these into account, and understand how they may affect how much your surgery costs.

Adult Circumcision Consultants

When looking at Adult Circumcision UK cost there are a number of elements which can affect the pricing between different surgeons. The most important things to consider are:

  • The surgeon’s experience: Consultants who have performed more Adult Circumcisions will typically have higher Circumcision price UK as their results will be more consistent and often higher quality than a less experienced surgeon
  • Their specialist field: Although many general surgeons are able to perform Adult Circumcision safely with good results, a consultant specialising in Andrology and Adult Circumcision will have undertaken specialist training, and will likely have more experience in the procedure

At Cadogan Clinic, we have over 100 consultants, who are experts in their chosen fields. We work to bring together surgeons who have considerable experience and have carried out their specialist surgeries many times, producing high quality, consistent outcomes.

Adult Circumcision Clinic Location

Typically, clinics located in large cities throughout the UK will have higher Adult Circumcision prices than providers in more remote areas. This is for several reasons:

  • Clinics in large cities are usually able to attract a larger number of experienced, specialist consultants and staff.
  • The cost of living as well as business overheads such as wages are higher in large cities, which means higher service costs.
  • Surgical providers based in large urban areas are more likely to have early access to new surgical techniques. This often means higher-quality surgery and results, but investment is needed to bring these new techniques to the patient.

Cadogan Clinic has a specialist hospital in Chelsea, central London. Here, we are able to provide everything you need for your surgical procedure including consultations, pre-surgical assessments, your Ault Circumcision, and all of your aftercare.

Adult Circumcision Safety Data and Patient Outcomes

When considering how much does Circumcision cost UK, it is important to research the safety standards of any provider. The important points to look for are:

  • Surgical infection rates
  • Surgical revision rates
  • Any reports published by regulators such as the CQC

Patient Outcomes data which shows patient satisfaction with both surgical results and the service they have received.

Cadogan Clinic prioritises patient safety at all stages of their Adult Circumcision journey with us. By maintaining the highest possible safety standards, our consultants and clinical staff achieve the best possible results.

From 30,000 appointments in 2023 Cadogan Clinic achieved:

  • 0.2% surgical infections (4.7% national average)
  • 2.4% revisions (10% average)

Higher safety standards can lead to higher prices due to certain measures taken by the clinic, such as higher staff to patient ratios in surgical theatres and aftercare and training undertaken by staff to contribute to further patient safety.

Surgical Innovation and Research

Many clinics and surgeons contribute to academic research and the development of surgical techniques outside of their clinical work. This continues to improve surgical outcomes and patient safety across the world.

Seeing a consultant who is involved in research and development will often mean you have access to the latest surgical techniques, allowing you to achieve the best results.  

Why Should You Choose to Have Adult Circumcision in the UK?

When looking at surgical procedures, the lower pricing offered abroad can be enticing. However, there are a number of drawbacks to medical tourism, and in recent years this has meant many problems reported by people who have had surgery abroad.


When you have surgery in the UK, following your procedure you will have contact with an aftercare team who will be able to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. At Cadogan Clinic, our specialist cosmetic nurses are available 24/7 to help you after your Adult Circumcision.

Unfortunately, in other countries, this aftercare is not always available and once you have returned to the UK, you may have difficulty contacting anyone directly about any problems you have experienced.

Surgeon qualifications and credentials

In the UK, every qualified surgeon is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). This allows you to access their qualifications and credentials in a centralised system and ensure that they hold the proper accreditations to carry out your Adult Circumcision.

When having surgery in another country, it may not always be possible to get clear information on your surgeon’s qualifications. This may mean they are not properly qualified, or that there have been issues with the surgeon that you are not aware of. This could mean lower safety standards and lower quality results.

Following Up on Concerns and Complaints

If you do experience any concerns or need to raise a complaint with your surgical provider in the UK, there are set procedures in place to ensure you are able to resolve your issue. This is a key part of patient safety and something that is taken very seriously in UK regulations.

However, if you wish to raise a complaint with a surgical provider outside of the UK, this is not always possible. Every country has different regulations for their healthcare systems and navigating this from abroad can be very challenging. This can mean that any concerns you have may not be addressed and problems can continue to occur at the clinic in question. 

Words From Our Founder

Mr. Bryan Mayou

Adult Circumcision can address pain and discomfort which cause self-consciousness and other difficulties within intimate relationships. When considering private clinics for Adult Circumcision it is important to consider everything that is included in their surgical package, so you understand the pricing. Although choosing the lowest price can be appealing, this shouldn’t be your first priority when looking for high quality care and results.
Mr. Bryan Mayou

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