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Natural Boobs vs Fake Boobs

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Date: 29th February 2024

Medically Reviewed by:  Mr. Bryan Mayou (GMC: 1414396)

Last reviewed: 29th February 2024

Natural breasts are the breasts a person is born with. They vary in size, shape, feel, and symmetry, showcasing the diversity of the human body. From different-shaped breasts to asymmetrical breasts, the natural variations highlight the uniqueness and individuality of each person's anatomy.

Fake boobs, or breast implants, involve a surgical procedure where silicone or saline implants are inserted to alter breast size and shape. The key distinction between real vs fake boobs lies in their origin. One is a result of genetics, and the other is a conscious choice to make alterations via surgery.

What Are the Characteristics of Natural-Looking Breasts?

There are distinctive features that make fake vs natural breasts stand apart. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other. But here are some of the characteristics of natural looking breasts. 

Natural-looking breasts generally tend to be asymmetrical, showcasing a natural appearance in relation to the rest of the body. 

The areolas and nipples on natural boobs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours. For some people, their areolas are darker than others. These distinctions are due to genetics, hormones, and body fat percentages. 

Natural-looking breasts respond authentically to the body's natural motions. Whether walking, running, or engaging in various movements, natural breasts move with the body. 

Natural boobs have a soft feel to them due to the natural tissues and fat. Due to hormones, age, body fat, and genetics, breasts feel different from one person to another but they are generally softer than augmented breasts.  

If you're contemplating enhancements and wondering what are the most natural-looking results, understanding these characteristics of fake breasts vs real breasts can guide your decision-making process. These above elements work together to achieve an authentic and harmonious appearance that suits your body.

Natural breasts show signs of natural ageing, just like the rest of the body. This can result in losing volume and saggy breasts. These are normal signs of ageing that are evident in natural boobs. 

What Are the Telltale Signs of Fake Breasts?

The advancements in breast augmentation have made them more similar to natural breasts which makes it increasingly difficult to tell fake breasts from real ones. However, there are still a few clues that point towards fake breasts.

Understanding the signs of fake breasts can help in your decision-making process when considering breast augmentation by giving you a realistic expectation.  

It's essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to address specific concerns and explore suitable options based on your individual preferences and goals.

Rounded and Firm Appearance

Fake breasts may exhibit a more rounded and firmer appearance compared to the natural variation.

This characteristic is often a result of the implant's structure and composition, creating a distinct visual profile. 

Cleavage Spacing

The cleavage between fake breasts might appear unusually spaced or artificial.

This can be a subtle yet noticeable difference, as natural breasts typically have a more varied and organic cleavage appearance. 


Fake breasts may not move as naturally as their natural counterparts, lacking the fluidity and authentic bounce that occurs with natural breast tissue. 

Detectable Edges

In some cases, the edges of breast implants can be felt beneath the skin.

Can I Get Natural-Looking Boobs From Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Yes, achieving natural-looking boobs through cosmetic breast surgery is possible. Various procedures, such as Breast Augmentation, Fat Transfer to Breast, Breast Reduction, and Breast Lift, aim to enhance or reshape the breasts while maintaining a natural appearance. 

Breast Augmentation

  • When it comes to enhancing your bust, breast augmentation stands out as a popular choice. This procedure introduces implants, giving you the power to choose between silicone and saline. 
  • You have the flexibility to customise the size, shape, and texture, with placement options above or below the chest muscle. Recovery typically spans a few weeks. 
  • There are 3 things you must consider on your breast augmentation journey. It starts with choosing the right surgeon, knowing the different surgical options that may be the best for your unique goals and, being informed about the best aftercare and recovery programme.  

Fat Transfer to Breast

  • If you are looking into natural alternatives to implants, this procedure uses liposuction to harvest fat from other body areas and inject it into the breasts. 
  • Results tend to feel and look more natural due to the use of your body's own fat. 
  • While it may not achieve significant size increases, the fat transfer to breast offers the dual benefit of body contouring through liposuction. 
  • Whether you want to go for implants vs fat transfer is simply a matter of personal preference and must be discussed in detail with the plastic surgeon to get the most desirable results with your breast surgery.

Breast Reduction

  • If reducing breast size is your goal, breast reduction surgery is a comprehensive option. 
  • Various techniques are available, addressing both aesthetic and medical concerns. 
  • The extent of scarring varies based on the chosen technique, and the procedure can alleviate physical discomfort associated with large breasts.

Breast Lift 

  • Mastopexy, or breast lift, is designed to reshape and lift sagging breasts. 
  • Commonly performed due to ageing, pregnancy, or weight loss, it offers customisation by combining with augmentation or reduction for comprehensive results. 
  • While results are long-lasting, they can be influenced by lifestyle factors. 

Choosing The Right Implants And Placement For Natural Boobs

Selecting the right implants for a natural look is an important step to consider. However, there’s no ‘better’ option when considering fake breast vs real breast options. It’s a completely personal choice as the look of breast augmentation is based on individual preferences and circumstances. 

Having said that, here are the main considerations for choosing implants for a natural appearance. 


Opt for an implant size that complements your body proportions. Your qualified plastic surgeon can guide you through this decision, ensuring that the chosen size enhances your overall physique without appearing disproportionate. 

The shape of the implants plays a crucial role in achieving a natural appearance. Choose between round and teardrop shapes based on your desired outcome. Round implants offer fullness and symmetry, while teardrop implants mimic the natural breast shape, providing a more gradual slope.

The placement of implants influences the final appearance and feel of your breasts. Engage in a thorough discussion with your surgeon regarding whether the implants should be placed above or below the muscle for the most natural outcome. Each option comes with its advantages, impacting factors like the level of projection and the overall aesthetic outcome, but under the muscle is typically associated with more natural outcomes.

Understanding these considerations is key to making informed choices aligned with your goals. A discussion with a professional plastic surgeon is crucial to comprehend how these choices can make a significant impact. If you are still unsure and thinking 'What are my options?', your surgeon's expertise will guide you to make the most informed choice.  

How to Select the Right Surgeon to Deliver Natural Results

The cost of a boob job and choosing your surgeon are two of the most important factors to consider. 

Here are some of the things to look into to ensure you select the right professional for the job:


Begin by assessing the qualifications of potential surgeons. Look for individuals with accredited medical degrees, specialised training in plastic surgery, and relevant certifications. Qualifications lay the foundation of trust, assuring you that your chosen surgeon possesses the necessary expertise. 


Experience is a powerful indicator of a surgeon's expertise. Explore the surgeon's track record, focusing on the number of years dedicated to plastic surgery and, more specifically, breast procedures. An experienced surgeon is likely to have encountered diverse cases, honing their skills to deliver exceptional and natural-looking results.


Reviewing a surgeon's portfolio offers a visual confirmation of their skill. Examine before-and-after photos of breast surgeries they have performed. Pay attention to the diversity of cases and the consistency of natural outcomes. A comprehensive and impressive portfolio is a positive sign of a surgeon's ability to meet your expectations. 

Reviews and Recommendations

Delve into reviews and seek recommendations from individuals who have undergone breast procedures with the surgeon in question. Real-life experiences provide invaluable insights into the surgeon's patient care, professionalism, and ability to deliver natural results. Positive reviews and recommendations can build confidence in your decision. 


Schedule consultations with potential surgeons to discuss your expectations and assess their understanding of your goals. A skilled surgeon takes the time to understand your desires, offering insights into the possibilities and limitations of the procedure. The consultation is also an opportunity to gauge your compatibility with the surgeon, ensuring a positive and collaborative journey.

The decision between natural and fake boobs is a personal one. With advancements in cosmetic surgery, achieving natural-looking results is becoming more common. By understanding the characteristics, procedures, and considerations, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, the cost of a breast augmentation procedure in the UK ranges from £4,500 to £8,000. At the Cadogan Clinic in London, boob job costs start from £5,900.

Yes, there are non-surgical methods to enhance breasts, including dermal fillers, Botox, laser treatment, Vampire Breast Lift, Aptos Threading, Caci Bust Treatment, Thermage, bras, and topical treatments. However, their results are limited and short-lived compared to surgical procedures. 

Yes, fat transfer to breast is a surgical procedure that uses your body's own fat to enhance breast size. It provides a natural look and feel. 

The type and location of scars depend on the chosen incision method. Common incision options include inframammary (under the breast crease), periareolar (around the areola), and transaxillary (in the armpit). 

Cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons, are usually not funded by the NHS. It primarily covers breast surgery for medical reasons, like reconstructive procedures after breast cancer.

Words From Our Founder

Mr. Bryan Mayou

Natural breasts refer to those that have not undergone any surgical intervention, maintaining their original form and composition. On the other hand, augmented breasts have undergone surgery, involving the placement of implants filled with either silicone or saline solution. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with having either natural or fake breasts and the right choice for you will depend on the appearance you are looking for. Your surgeon will discuss the benefits of implants with you as part of your consultation, but they will also show you why having natural breasts may be the better option for you.
Mr. Bryan Mayou

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