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What are my options for breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries carried out in the UK. In one year alone clinics carried out almost 8,000 procedures and dramatically improved the quality of life for the women involved.

Women explore breast enhancement surgery options for a variety of reasons but ultimately if women are unable to achieve the change that they desire it can have a knock-on effect in terms of their mental health. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can impact their day to day life.

Given the costs associated with surgery, it is important that women are aware of the best breast enhancement options for them. The best way of identifying this is through a consultation with an expert who can discuss your expectations and advise which options have the greatest chance of delivering. 

What are the breast enhancement surgery options?

When it comes to breast enhancement surgery options there are 2 main procedures to consider which will provide different results. They are breast augmentation and a breast lift.

The aim of breast augmentation is to increase the overall size of the breasts. As a surgical procedure, it often involves the use of implants being placed into the breasts. The procedure takes between 1 and 1.5 hours and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Incisions are made either underneath the breast or around the areola. Women are often concerned about the potential for scarring following breast augmentation surgery. This risk can be minimised by using the best surgeons and by ensuring that you follow instructions given for your aftercare.

A breast lift is not about increasing the size of your breasts. As the name would suggest the aim of this procedure is to lift the breasts and to reshape them. This option is suited to women who have breasts that are sagging and hang low over their chest. Excess sagging tissue is removed and the breast mound and nipple are repositioned. This leads to the breasts looking firmer and more youthful.

When considering what are the best breast enhancement surgery options it is possible that there isn’t a single answer. Often the best results are achieved by combining breast augmentation with a breast lift. Combining the two sees breasts which are increased in size and also firmer with a youthful appearance.

What are the breast enlargement non-surgical options?

There can be many reasons why women may not want to undergo a surgical procedure. This leads to them exploring what are the breast enlargement non surgical options. When it comes to ways to enhance your breasts without surgery there are a few options to consider:

This was originally developed as a way of treating muscle injuries. A handheld device is held over the chest and electric pulses target the chest muscles. This can lead to a chest that is more toned which lifts the breasts.

Laser treatments are commonly used to target wrinkles and spots. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates the body to produce more collagen. The increased levels of collagen can lead to the skin increasing in elasticity and lead to a minor lift to the breasts. This is often an extremely temporary effect.

Fillers such as those containing hyaluronic acid are often used to treat deep-set wrinkles. There are cases of these being used to enhance the size of breasts. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in our bodies, but by increasing the levels of this it stimulates the body to produce more collagen.

Overall any non-surgical options for breast enlargement do not provide the results that can be achieved with surgical options. They may be able to provide a subtle change but this is usually short-lived. Surgical options allow for a long-lasting and more dramatic change.

What are ‘natural’ breast enlargement options?

Again when women are looking for an alternative to surgical procedures they may want to explore what natural breast enlargement options exist. Breast augmentations options fat transfer can provide results that are well received by the women who have undergone this procedure. Fat transfer is often referred to as a natural boob job. This is because the breasts are enhanced by using fat taken from your own body rather than using implants. 

Fat transfer may be seen as one of the best breast enhancement options as there is no need to make incisions and so the risk of significant scarring is removed. The process works by removing fat from your waist, buttocks, or thighs by using liposuction. This fat is ‘cleaned’ in a special machine before being injected into your breasts. Although this is a surgical procedure it is often referred to as natural as there are no foreign objects being placed into the body.

What is the best breast enhancement option for me?

Trying to identify the best breast enhancement options requires time being spent with an expert surgeon so that they are able to advise you. There is no single best option and what would be right for you would depend upon the results that you are trying to achieve and also how your breasts currently are. 

A natural breast augmentation using fat transfer is a way of achieving subtle results that have a more natural appearance. Opting for implants allow for a more significant increase in size although there be a less natural appearance. Often a combination of these procedures leads to the best results although a consultation would help to identify if this is right for you. It is also worth considering the benefits that can be achieved with a breast lift if you have breasts that are starting to sag. Certainly, when looking at the best options that available to enhance your breasts, the surgical options are far superior to the non-surgical options that are available. Opting for surgery sees a much more noticeable difference and the effects are long term. 

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