Update: 25th March 2020

Our Essential Dermatology and Skin Cancer Service is Open

The Cadogan Clinic will continue to offer patients medical dermatology appointments throughout the COVID crisis, as well as critical skin cancer screening and removal services.

Consultations will initially be booked remotely, and our consultants will determine if your condition is 'time critical' and requires an in-person consultation or immediate skin cancer removal surgery

Should a worrying mole or skin cancer need to be escalated for removal at this face-to-face consultation, this will take place immediately on-site, during the same visit, courtesy of one of our specialist plastic surgeons.

All appointments will take place under the British Association of Dermatology's Avoid, Restrict and Abbreviate Guidelines (24/03/2020)

We are accepting referrals from all GPs, insurance companies, local NHS Trusts and self-referrals.
If you have a question regarding our service please do not hesitate to call us on 0207 901 8500 to speak to a member of our team.

Support for the National COVID -19 Response

As a CQC-registered hospital, the Cadogan Clinic will continue to operate in line with all government directives for the independent healthcare sector regarding the COVID response.

We have already offered our facilities and skin cancer expertise to NHS England and our local NHS trusts and will be part of the wider national effort in due course.

If you have a question or query regarding how we might be able to support your urgent private or NHS overflow list, please email

Cosmetic Activity

In line with NHS England and BAAPs guidelines we have ceased all cosmetic activity until further notice. Our administrative teams and patients advisor teams are fully operational, however, and able to talk you through all of our treatments in detail. Consultations with one of our surgeons will be made available in due course.

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