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What Is Cinderella Foot Surgery?

Cinderella Foot Surgery is a cosmetic foot procedure for people with a splay or spread foot.

The conditions that usually cause this problem include a bunion deformity on the inside of your big toe as well as a tailor’s bunionette that affects the little toe. The feet gradually spread and cause footwear difficulty and pain when wearing closed shoes.

This surgery is designed around those with abnormally wide feet, bunions or hammertoes, and is associated with gradually worsening foot deformities affecting the forefoot, with associated pain when in footwear. There is a strong genetic link and hypermobility of the ligaments associated with the development of this foot problem.  

Cosmetic foot surgery can help by firstly eliminating the sources of chronic pain or deformity and secondly, reshaping the feet for aesthetic appeal, often resulting in smaller, slimmer feet with a reduced shoe size.  These procedures provide support to the foot through the lengthening or shortening of the toes, shaving off bunions or excess bone and removing lumps to slim the toes or feet.

The procedure takes about one hour per foot and can be performed under general or local anaesthetic. After the Cinderella Foot Surgery, the patient will have minimal mobility in the treated foot and should not put weight on it for 10-14 days. Patients are not required to wear a cast; however, a special shoe will be provided for 2-3 weeks. 

Cinderella Foot Surgery
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The price for a Consultation with our specialist podiatrist is £150, with the price for the Cinderella Foot Surgery starting from £7,000.

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