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The Cadogan Clinic is currently offering a reduced service in light of the government's January lockdown guidelines.

All of our services will be delivered in line with the UK government's social distancing measures and fully compliant with all PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England.

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Treatment Price Guide

Your chosen treatment will be agreed in consultation with your specialist practitioner. This will be determined by a combination of your preference for treatment (based on outcome and cost) and your clinical suitability for treatment.

For all treatments booked more than 24 hours after your initial consultation, you will receive a written quote via email ahead of your return visit to the Clinic.

For all treatments booked less than 24 hours after the initial consultation, including when the treatment or tests are delivered during your initial visit:

  • Please find below a guideline for treatment and diagnostic prices to act as a guide ahead of your procedure.
  • These guide prices are per vial, per area, per test, or per session. The final price will depend on the practitioner you are treated by and/or the number of areas/vials/sessions/tests that you agree with your practitioner.
  • At your initial telephone discussion with your patient advisor, they will be able to provide further expectations on the cost of treatment after discussing your desired outcome and your preferred practitioner with you. This is only a guide and is not a substitution for a consultation with your practitioner.
  • Your practitioner will advise you of the price of your chosen treatment before you decide whether or not to proceed with treatment.
  • If you are unsure of the price of treatment or diagnostic tests, please confirm with your practitioner before treatment is carried out.

Doctor-Led Treatments

TreatmentMinimum PriceMaximum price
Dermal Fillers (per vial)£650£800
Dermamelan Peel£1500-
IPL (per session)£400£550
Laser - Acne Scars (per session)£570-
Laser - Browlift£1970-
Laser - CO2 (per session)£1400£2600
Laser - Keloid (per session)£300-
Laser - Rejuvenation (per session)£400£550
Laser - Stretch Marks (per session)£740-
Laser - Vascular or Pigmentation (per session)£200£500
Mole Histology£185£185
Mole Removal (one mole, no histology)£599£735
Profhilo (per session)£500£800
Ulthera£750 (eyes)£4250 (full face)

 * These are prices per area, per vial or per treatment session. You may decide to have more than one vial or session. The multiple session/area/vial prices are often less expensive per session/area/vial than when booked individually. For example, the maximum facial botox price is £790 for six areas of botox.

* In some cases a consultation fee will be charged in addition to your treatment and this will be advised in writing before your treatment.


Aesthetician and Nurse-Led Treatments

TreatmentMinimum Price*Maximum Price*
Cosmelan Peel£1500-
Dermaplanning (per session)£175-
Indiba (per session)£200-
IPL (per session)£300£950
Laser Hair Removal (per session)£80£700
Laser - Rejuvenation (per session)£400-
Laser - Vascular or Pigmentation (per session)£100£550
LED Treatment (per session)£100-
Micro-needling (per session)£360-
Mole Mapping (nurse)£125-
Microdermabrasion (per session)£100-
Sculpsure (per diode)£200-

 * These are prices per treatment session. You may decide to have more than one session in order to obtain optimal results. The multiple session prices are often less expensive per session than when booked individually.

* In some cases a consultation fee will be charged in addition to your treatment. This will be advised in writing before your treatment.


Diagnostic Tests

Full blood count£75
Liver Function£87
Nasal Swab (NASS)£73
Oral Swab (ORSW)£73
Pregnancy blood test£95
Skin Swabs (SKIS)£73
Urea and Electrolytes£87
Wound Swab (WOUS)£73
Additional immunology testing (requested by laboratory)£400**

 * In addition, a £50 administrative fee is charged each time a blood sample is taken.

** Additional immunology tests may be requested by the laboratory in order to complete the diagnosis. If this becomes the case we will let you know the reason and the additional prices before any additional tests are carried out.

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