Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic facial procedures, but many patients are worried about the potential complications and worry about they may look after surgery. As a new alternative to nasal surgery (surgical rhinoplasty), a non-surgical rhinoplasty can be done by injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler into the nose to straighten and soften sharp angles, fill depressions, or change the shape of the tip of the nose to give it a lifted appearance, resulting in better symmetry and more defined nose contours.

If it is the shape of your nose, rather than its size, that you are unhappy with, then a non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent, affordable option for those who want to change the shape of their nose but are worried about undergoing invasive surgery. There is no excessive downtime, no general anaesthetic and no prolonged healing, and the patients has complete control over the procedure, following the results as the injections are administered.

This procedure is far less expensive than rhinoplasty surgery and can be reversed via hyalase injections should the patient not be happy with the result. The results are immediate and can last up to a year.

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Mr. Olivier Amar
Mr. Olivier Amar

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