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The Cadogan Clinic is proud of its reputation as a centre of excellence for medical and cosmetic dermatology, and a leading centre for skin cancer diagnostics and removal. Quality and safety are at the heart of what we do, and so our first priority is to work only with the very best dermatologists in the country.

We define this as those dermatologists with the highest levels of training and qualifications, the most experience, the best reputations and, importantly, as those who are considered leading specialists in their specific area of practice with us.

We work with all the major bodies and organisations in our sector of healthcare to ensure standards are maintained. These include:

  • The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD)
  • Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)

Who We Choose To Work With

The Cadogan Clinic was founded in 2008 by world – renowned dermatologist Dr Susan Mayou, with the first group of dermatologists invited to practice at the Clinic hand-picked from her peers at the top of the dermatology discipline in the UK at the time.

This founding group of dermatologists continues to practice at the Clinic today, and they are now joined by a small group of additional leading specialist invited on a handpicked basis to join this core team. We typically invite no more than one new dermatologist to practice with us each year.

The faculty has gradually grown over time in terms of both the breadth and depth of talent on the roster, encouraging ever new combinations of treatments and cross-referral between specialists in order to improve the service we provide to our patients and their overall patient satisfaction 

As of 2021, we are delighted to welcome a team of ten leading dermatologists into our Clinic on a weekly basis, with dermatology coverage six days a week at the Clinic.

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Cadogan Clinic is the leading dermatology clinic in London

Our Dermatologists

We have invited a selection of the country’s very best consultants to join us at the Cadogan Clinic so that you can be sure that whatever the nature of your treatment, you will be seeing one of the top practitioners in the country.

Below, you will see our consultant directory specialising in medical and cosmetic dermatology:

Dr. Wedad Abdelrahman

Dr. Wedad Abdelrahman is a fully qualified UK-trained consultant dermatologist, registered with the General Medical Council with…

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Dr. Catherine Borysiewicz

Dermatologist treating acne and other serious skin conditions. Also sees patients with ageing concerns, specialising in injectables…

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Dr. Tamara W Griffiths

A senior Consultant at one of the largest UK Dermatology Centres at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, where she manages paediatric…

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Dr. Thivi Maruthappu

Dr Thivi Maruthappu is a UK Trained Consultant Dermatologist. She studied Medicine at Oxford University and Imperial College London,…

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Dr. Susan Mayou

Dermatologist seeing patients with acne, eczema, and other severe skin conditions, with a special interest in paediatric and cosmetic…

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Dr. Amélie Seghers

Dr Seghers is a consultant dermatologist who sees adults and children of any age with all kinds of dermatological conditions.

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Dr Kristina Semkova

Dr Kristina Semkova is a fully qualified Specialist Dermatologist, registered with the General Medical Council UK with a special…

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Dr. Nisith Sheth

Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon specialising in skin cancer, skin surgery such as Mohs, laser treatments and general…

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In The Media

This month Consultant Dermatologist Dr Susan Mayou discusses rosacea with, and talks to the Daily Mail about the latest skincare craze, chlorophyll.

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