Excess Hair Growth

Diagnosing and treating excessive hair growth and hair loss are a key part of a dermatologist’s role.

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What is excess hair growth?

Excessive hair growth is often known as hirsutism. Women who have this condition have thick, coarse dark hair growing on their face, neck, chest, stomach, lower back, buttocks or thighs. 

There are various things that can cause this unwelcome excessive hair growth, although certain groups of women may find themselves at a higher risk of hirsutism.

Sometimes hirsutism can be the result of an underlying medical condition that may require treatment, so it is important to get to the root of what is causing a person’s hirsutism. 

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What causes excess hair growth?

Excessive hair growth is linked to hormones called androgens. Hirsutism occurs when there are high levels of these ‘male’ hormones present, or if the body becomes more sensitive to them.

There are a number of things that may be responsible for excessive hair growth in women.

This is a common condition affecting around one in 10 women in the UK. PCOS affects the way a woman’s ovaries work, with the hormonal imbalance resulting in high levels of androgens. The condition can also cause symptoms such as acne and irregular periods and can also cause infertility. 

It is not known exactly what causes PCOS, but often the condition runs in families.

Certain types of medications are known to cause hirsutism, including some prescribed to treat endometriosis and certain menopause symptoms. 

Anabolic steroids contain natural androgens, which can cause excessive hair growth in women who take these particular drugs.

This is an uncommon condition caused by high levels of the hormone cortisol. Cushing’s syndrome can develop as a result of the adrenal glands making too much cortisol or from taking steroid medicine, especially steroid tablets, over a long period of time.

A rare condition triggered by an overproduction of growth hormone.

Rarely, tumours affecting hormone levels may be responsible for excessive hair growth. Such tumours occur in the ovaries or adrenal glands.

Sometimes there's no obvious cause for hirsutism. However there are certain risk factors that may make a woman more at risk of excessive hair growth.

  • Ethnicity: Women from Middle Eastern, South Asian and Mediterranean backgrounds are more likely to experience unexplained excessive hair growth.
  • Family history: Certain conditions that cause hirsutism, such as PCOS, run in families.
  • Obesity: This group of women is at a higher risk of excessive hair growth as being obese causes increased androgen production.

It is worth noting that the dark and thick hair that appears as a result of hirsutism is different to the extra finer and lighter hair which appears on a woman’s face and body as a result of menopause.

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How is excess hair growth treated?

Hirsutism treatment depends on what is causing the excessive hair growth. One of our expert dermatologists may suggest one of the following treatments for you.

If your excessive hair growth is caused by obesity, then losing weight by following a sensible diet can help to control hormone levels.

If you have not yet been through the menopause, then the contraceptive pill can be an effective treatment for hirsutism. Oral contraceptives will control and balance hormone levels.

A special prescription-only cream (eflornithine cream) can help to slow hair growth on the face. However it will not get rid of hair that has already grown.

This hair removal treatment is highly effective and produces long-lasting results.

This particular treatment works by passing a beam of highly concentrated light (the laser) over the surface of the skin. This damages the hair follicles to prevent the hair from growing.

Laser hair removal is particularly good for people with dark brown or black hair.

You may need more than one treatment. This varies from person to person.

Just like laser hair removal, electrolysis is an effective hair removal method that produces long-lasting results.

In this treatment, a tiny needle is inserted into each hair follicle before an electric current is emitted with the aim of destroying the follicle, preventing any further hair growth. Electrolysis is more effective when used on women with blonde or white hair.

Just like laser therapy, more than one treatment is often required, with the number varying from person to person.

What to expect during your consultation

You will meet with one of our highly trained dermatologists at the Cadogan Clinic on Sloane Street, Chelsea for an in-person assessment of your skin.

Your consultant will discuss the following with you at this consultation:

  • The best options for treatment for you given your psoriasis condition, and the results that you would likely achieve with each treatment
  • An explanation of the treatment or treatment plan
  • Go through your past medical historyAnswer any questions you may have

3 Easy Steps

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  • Start your treatment plan
  • Return to the Clinic to see your dermatologist - if required - to monitor the progress of treatment 

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