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Our Essential Dermatology & Skin Cancer practice remains open

The Cadogan Clinic will continue to offer patients medical dermatology appointments throughout the COVID crisis, as well as critical skin cancer screening and removal services.

General medical dermatology consultations will be booked remotely, with 'time critical' appointments still available in-clinic for suspected skin cancer cases.

'Same-visit' skin cancer excision will be possible for all cases indicating for immediate and urgent removal, under the care of one of our specialist surgeons.

To find out more about the reduced services we are operating, please click HERE or visit our COVID-19 Patient Information page.

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Fat transfer (fat grafting) techniques have been used in cosmetic and medical procedures for many years. The procedure involves the removal of fat from areas where it is either unnecessary or unwanted and then re-implants it into other areas of the body.

Fat transfer procedures are a two-step process: first, precise BodyJet liposuction targets unwanted fat deposits in the body; second, the live fat cells are injected into the relevant area of the body – typically the breasts, buttocks, face or scarred areas. Between 50 and 70 per cent of fat cells survive the transfer process; meaning a certain degree of ‘overcorrection’ will be factored in by your surgeon.

The Cadogan Clinic specialists have extensive experience in this field, having performed the procedure on hundreds of patients, with outstanding results. We are also the only provider in the country to offer the revolutionary non-surgical fat transfer technique.

Whatever your personal reasons, we will provide the leading UK consultants, techniques and facilities for your treatment. Our expert team is acutely aware that the appearance of your body can affect your confidence and everyday happiness, and as such we handle each case with sensitivity and discretion. You can rest assured your procedure, performed at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, central London clinic, will deliver the results you desire.

Fat Transfer to Face

Fat transfer (fat transplantation) uses processed fat from your own body to re-contour and restore volume to facial areas that have become sunken with age, thereby rejuvenating your face and restoring a more youthful appearance. This may be achieved using the fat transfer technique.

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Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation (enlargement) is an effective alternative to traditional breast implants. Using fat-transfer techniques, the breasts can be enhanced without the use of foreign implant materials.

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