Research and Innovation

The Cadogan Clinic was founded on the principle of delivering the most appropriate, highest-quality care to our patients.

This means we offer the complete range of evidence-based innovation to our patients, delivered by pioneering specialists across multiple disciplines. Given the many treatments available for each condition, this is a promise other Clinics cannot match.

Our commitment to innovation is as central to us now as it always has been, through clinical research, medical education and the frequent introduction of ground-breaking new skin and cosmetic treatments. 

Our Founders

The Cadogan Clinic is a family business, run by its founders, Mr. Bryan Mayou, a plastic surgeon, and Dr. Susan Mayou, a dermatologist.

Prior to founding the Cadogan Clinic, Mr. Bryan Mayou introduced multiple techniques into the UK and globally across the cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, skin laser and injectables, whilst his wife Dr. Susan Mayou is the co-founder of the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group.

They were, therefore, best placed to establish the first truly integrated skin and aesthetic Clinic in the UK in 2008.

The Clinic prides itself on its pioneering past, whilst committing to the technology of the future.

The Original Integrated Clinic 

We were established in 2008 as the UK’s first fully integrated Clinic in the UK and remains the only Clinic to be able to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments under one roof.

This allows us to deliver:

Combination treatments

– truly complementary treatments.

For example:
+  Post-surgical laser scar reduction following abdominal surgery 
+  Pre-surgical skin tightening ahead of facial surgery 
+  CO2 Laser skin resurfacing during eye surgery

Appropriate treatments

- by an appropriate specialist, based on our patients’ needs - not a doctor's limited speciality.

For example:
+  Surgical and non-surgical liposuction
+  Surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty 
+  Ultrasound skin tightening and facelift surgery


In 2008, following in the USA, we became the first-day case-only provider of cosmetic surgery under general anaesthesia and now have more experience delivering day-case cosmetic surgery than anyone in the country.

In 2016 we became the only Clinic to be accredited by the British Skin Foundation, for our Skin Cancer and Mole Service.

Our Pioneering Consultants 

Our doctors at Cadogan have been hand-picked for their expertise demonstrated by NHS and International teaching posts.

The techniques they have introduced include:

  • Mr. Tunc Tiryaki a pioneer in stem cell technology
  • Mrs.Tamara Griffiths pioneered research into Retinol as an anti-wrinkle compound 
  • Mr. Nicholas Parkhouse led global research into self-harm scar revision and was the editor of British Journal of Plastic Surgery
  • Mr. Ian Franklin introduced key minimally invasive vascular treatments to the NHS
  • Mr. Olivier Branford co-wrote the work on the ‘perfect breast shape’ 
  • Ms Jacqueline Lewis introduced autologous fat banking for cosmetic breast surgery

Information about all of our consultants and their research interests can be found each individual consultant page 

Treatments introduced at the Cadogan Clinic 

  • First Clinic to exclusively use intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) in daycase cosmetic surgery, facilitating quicker recovery time (2008)
  • First Clinic in UK to offer laser cellulite treatment (Cellulaze) (2013)
  • First Mole Cancer Check Service the accredited by The British Skin Foundation (2016)
  • First Clinic in UK to offer 4-D imaging (Crisalix) (2018)
  • First Clinic in UK to offer single procedure stem-cell enriched cosmetic surgery (2018)
  • First Clinic in UK to offer Adipose tissue stem cell banking for cosmetic breast surgery (2018) 
  • First Clinic in UK to offer integrated keloid scar management (2019)

Clinical Research at the Cadogan Clinic 

In 2019, Olivier Branford was awarded the Best Research Paper in 2018 from The Aesthetic Surgery Journal for his work on stem cells in cosmetic surgery.

The Cadogan Clinic is a named research centre in the following academic papers -

Medical Education at the Cadogan Clinic 

The Cadogan Clinic Provides fully-funded research Fellowships in association with BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAPRAS (The British Association of Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons)

More information, including information on the Fellows and their research interests, can be found here.

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