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What Are Puffy Nipples?

Puffy nipples, associated with a condition called gynaecomastia, occur when the nipples or areolas form a puffy nipple mound away from the normal curve of the chest. 

Women and men can have puffy nipples, but it is more commonly a problem among men. It is often found in teenagers going through puberty, as this is a key time in breast development. 

At Cadogan Clinic, roughly 80% of our puffy nipple patients are male. 

Puffy nipple is easily fixed with nipple reduction surgery

What Causes Puffy Nipples?

Puffy nipples can be caused by various factors. These may include  

  • Hormonal changes: processes such as puberty, ageing, and some medical conditions can cause an imbalance between oestrogen and testosterone in your body and cause puffy nipples 
  • Weight Gain: excess body fat can lead to an increase in oestrogen levels and fatty deposits, which may contribute to the development of gynecomastia 
  • Medications: Some steroids, anti-androgens, and medications used in the treatment of prostate conditions can cause gynecomastia 
  • Steroid / Alcohol Use: The use of certain substances, such as anabolic steroids associated with gynecomastia, as is excessive drinking   
  • Stress: Chronic stress can affect hormone levels and may contribute to hormonal imbalances that could be linked to gynecomastia. Stress management techniques such as meditation and exercise may be helpful 
  • Genetics

Many symptoms of ‘puffy nipple’ can be reversed by diet and exercise or by stopping the use of certain medications. In many cases, however, the symptoms of ‘puffy nipple’ can only be resolved via puffy nipple reduction surgery. 

Why Do I Have Puffy Nipples?

If you have puffy nipples, it is very likely that one or more of the factors listed above are causing it.  

It is vital that you consult with a healthcare professional, as the correct diagnosis is key to the right treatment.

How Do You Know If You Have Puffy Nipples?

Puffy nipples are characterised by a puffy nipple mound formed away from the normal curve of the chest. Anyone who is unsure whether they have puffy nipples can seek medical advice.

Can Puffy Nipples Be Fixed?

Puffy nipples can be fixed, but solutions depend on the cause.


If they are caused by being overweight or obese, then losing weight through exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to achieve this. This method can take time, and a person must be consistent in order for the desired effects to be achieved. Push-ups, overhead presses and dips are exercises that specifically target the chest area. Swimming can also help to tone up pectoral muscles, help shed chest fat, and reduce the appearance of puffy nipples. 

Likewise, other lifestyle changes can be made, such as limiting alcohol intake and stopping steroid use, as well as adopting a lower stress lifestyle.  

If a hormonal imbalance is a cause, medication may help to fix puffy nipples.  

However, if the desired results cannot be achieved through diet, exercise, lifestyle changes or medication, then nipple reduction surgery at the Cadogan Clinic will help to ensure quick and effective results. 

How To Get Rid of Puffy Nipples?

The most effective way of getting rid of puffy nipples is via nipple reduction surgery. 

Nipple reduction surgery may involve: 

  • Liposuction: Used to remove excess fatty tissue. 
  • Excision: Direct removal of glandular tissue to reduce the size of the breast and reshape breast contour. 
  • Areola Reduction (if necessary): In some cases, the size of the areola may also be addressed during the surgery. 

Nipple reduction surgery is typically considered a minor cosmetic procedure, often performed on an outpatient basis. The surgeon will discuss the patient's aesthetic goals and preferences during the consultation to tailor the procedure accordingly. 

The surgical process generally involves making incisions around the nipple, removing a calculated amount of excess tissue, and then suturing the incisions to achieve the desired size and shape. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, and recovery time is relatively short. The procedure is typically highly effective at getting rid of puffy nipples. 

Is Nipple Reduction Surgery Straightforward?

This is a very straightforward procedure and is often performed under local anaesthetic. The operation can be carried out on its own or as part of a more complex combination breast surgery procedure such as breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction

What Risks Are There in Puffy Nipple Surgery?

It's important to note that while nipple reduction surgery is a straightforward and commonly performed cosmetic procedure, any surgery involves potential risks and complications. These can include infection, scarring, changes in nipple sensitivity, and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome. 

Nipple reduction surgery involves the elimination of a strip of skin about the neck of the nipple, which is closed and sutured, reducing the height of the nipple by pushing a portion of the nipple back into the breast tissue. 

When carrying out nipple reduction surgery, our expert surgeons are able to preserve sensation and aim to restore a more balanced, pleasing chest appearance. 

How Do Men Get Rid of Puffy Nipples?

It is possible for men to get rid of puffy nipples via straightforward nipple reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery. 

How Do Women Get Rid of Puffy Nipples?

Women can get rid of puffy nipples surgically in the same way as men, but often, the underlying causes are slightly different and may require different treatment. 

Puffy nipples in women are not typically associated with gynaecomastia, and are more likely caused by several other factors beyond those experienced by men, including menstrual cycle changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Puffy nipples in women may also be caused by the use of hormonal birth control and general ageing and weight changes.  

Some of these causes are reversible and can be treated by lifestyle changes (e.g. switching birth control methods, dietary changes), and some are temporary (e.g. menstrual cycle). Other causes of puffy breasts and nipples are via external life events that serve to change the appearance of a woman's nipples or breasts permanently.  

Surgical interventions to restore previous breast and nipple shape and contour may, therefore, require other surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions. 

Are There Alternative Non Surgical Treatments for Getting Rid of Puffy Nipples?

Yes, there are alternative treatments for puffy nipples besides surgical intervention, but their effectiveness may vary, and their results may not be as predictable.

These include simple observation and lifestyle changes, medications to restore hormonal balance, hormone therapy, non surgical liposuction such as coolsculpting and laser and radiofrequency.  

What Does It Mean If You Have Puffy Nipples? Could It Be Something Serious?

Puffy nipples are rarely a sign of any serious medical condition. 

Puffy nipples could be an indication that a person is experiencing hormonal changes or a hormone imbalance. Certain medications and steroid use can also result in puffy nipples. In men, puffy nipples could be the result of having too much chest fat, which can be corrected by exercise, a better diet and liposuction surgery if required. 

What Can I Do About Puffy Areolas?

Puffy areolas are typically a subjective concern and not related to an underlying health condition. The perception of what a normal areola and a puffy areola are differs among different people, and it is true that areola size, shape, and projection can differ materially between individuals. Such variations are normal.

If you are worried about your puffy areolas and their appearance, then you can consider areola reduction surgery, a surgery that alters the size and shape of the areolas by removing a portion of the areola tissue to make the overall area smaller.  

There are a handful of non surgical laser and radiofrequency alternatives that seek to tighten the skin in a more subtle fashion, but these are more suitable for marginal cases.  

Whatever your requirements, the Cadogan Clinic can provide leading breast experts such as Will Sarakbi, Hazim Sadideen and Manaf Khatib and techniques for your treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in order to achieve your desired aesthetic and a better-proportioned nipple. 

Words From Our Founder

Mr. Bryan Mayou

Puffy nipples can impact a person's confidence, and affect the appearance of tight-fitting clothing. Fortunately, a simple procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia, in less than an hour offers a simple solution. By reducing excess tissue and reshaping the nipples, we restore the natural appearance, alleviating self-consciousness and enabling patients to wear clothing with confidence.
Mr. Bryan Mayou

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