What aftercare is required after fat transfer?

After surgery, patients may experience some discomfort for a couple of days’ post-surgery –a dull ache may persist in the areas that have been treated for a further 1-4 weeks but this can be managed easily with pain killers that either your surgeon or aftercare team can provide you. 

Downtime is usually minimal following either fat transfer to body or face, however you may notice some swelling and bruising which can take up to 1-2 weeks to subside post-surgery.

Following fat transfer to the breasts for instance, your consultant will advise wearing a support bra a few days per week after surgery and for buttocks you will have a dressing in situ for ten days. Where the liposuction has been performed, you will most likely be required to wear a compression garment for around three weeks and avoid exercise for up to two weeks following your treatment.

Swelling and bruising should subside within a couple of weeks following fat transfer to the face, which you will be able to conceal well with makeup.  Recovery time for fat transfer procedures to the body are typically longer than the face depending on how many areas the initial liposuction was carried out on.

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