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Saggy Buttocks: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

As we age or go through certain life events our bodies inevitably experience change. Unfortunately, this change is often negative and leads to people trying to find a remedy. 

In terms of saggy buttocks, this can be a condition that affects anyone but it is more common in women. The nature of a woman’s body means that they naturally store more fat around the area of the buttocks and hips when compared to men.

Saggy buttocks can cause women to lose their self-confidence. Sagging buttock isn’t something that women have to put up with though. Numerous steps can be taken to perhaps prevent saggy buttocks. When the condition is already evident then there are options such as saggy buttock surgery as well as non-surgical alternatives to consider. If saggy buttocks are something causing you concern then we’re going to share all that you need to know about this condition.

What causes sagging buttocks?

Sagging buttock can be caused by a variety of factors. Generally, these are linked to the gluteal muscles which are the large muscles in your buttocks. These muscles are strong and add to the firm and taut appearance of the buttocks. Saggy buttocks occur due to:

What are the surgical options to treat saggy buttocks?

It is common for women to explore the option of saggy buttock surgery. Known as a buttock lift, this surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and takes between one and two hours to complete. The reason that women opt for saggy buttock surgery is that the results can be outstanding. Often any saggy buttock issues can knock people’s confidence and stop them from wearing certain clothing, especially swimwear. A buttock lift can change all of this. 

The results of saggy buttock surgery include:

By booking a consultation with a specialist you can find out exactly what a buttock lift could do for you. A surgeon is able to assess your needs and ensure that the surgery is the right course of action to meet your expectations. 

Are there any other surgeries that may be beneficial?

While treating saggy buttocks, for many women it makes sense to also remedy other issues that they have around the lower part of the body. This can lead to an overall improved body image and one that boosts confidence. Surgeries that can compliment a buttock lift include:

A thigh lift targets loose and sagging skin around the thighs. This procedure leads to skin that feels smoother and has a firmer appearance.

Otherwise known as a tummy tuck, this targets excess skin on the stomach. It results in a stomach that appears firmer and more toned.

Lipo perfectly complements saggy buttock surgery as well as thigh lifts and tummy tucks. It sees the removal of excess fat and can lead to areas of the body looking more toned and contoured. 

Are diet and lifestyle linked to saggy buttocks?

Given that saggy buttock has a major association with weak gluteal muscles, there is a clear link between lifestyle and sagging buttocks. Of course, ageing and some genetic factors will also play a part but there are actions that can be taken to strengthen and tone the gluteal muscles and at least delay sagging buttocks. In terms of diet, this alone will not address any issues but can play an important role. Avoiding processed foods, added sugars, and excessive calories are a given. Exercises recommended by the NHS include:

These exercises work by targeting the gluteal muscles. They also strengthen and tone muscles in the lower back and upper leg.

Non-surgical options for saggy buttocks

For those who feel that they are not ready for saggy buttock surgery, there are a couple of non-surgical options to consider. Both of these involve being injected around the buttocks and can provide long-lasting results. The options to look at are:

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