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Our Essential Dermatology & Skin Cancer practice remains open

The Cadogan Clinic will continue to offer patients medical dermatology appointments throughout the COVID crisis, as well as critical skin cancer screening and removal services.

General medical dermatology consultations will be booked remotely, with 'time critical' appointments still available in-clinic for suspected skin cancer cases.

'Same-visit' skin cancer excision will be possible for all cases indicating for immediate and urgent removal, under the care of one of our specialist surgeons.

To find out more about the reduced services we are operating, please click HERE or visit our COVID-19 Patient Information page.

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Mr. Nick Parkhouse DM, MCh, FRCS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon / GMC: 2722205

Mr Parkhouse specialises in cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery and in the treatment of scarring disfigurement. He is frequently asked to perform revision procedures for patients who have had surgery elsewhere in the UK and abroad. His experience in treating unfavourable results of surgery has influenced his own personal approach to cosmetic surgery in which there is an emphasis on minimisation and avoidance of risk. He achieves this through unhurried planning followed by conservative surgery carefully personalised to individual needs and requirements.

Mr. Nick Parkhouse

His aim is to achieve improvement whilst maintaining a natural or ‘unoperated’ appearance as much as possible. This applies to the cosmetic removal of small moles and skin blemishes as well as to more extensive face or body surgery.

Research led by Mr. Nick Parkhouse

  • Self-harm scar revision.
  • Acute caffeine ingestion enhances strength performance and reduces perceived exertion and muscle pain perception during resistance exercise.

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