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What Is Entropion/Ectropion Eyelid Repair?

Over time with age, the ligament supporting the eyelid to the orbital rim can weaken resulting in eyelid laxity. This may cause the eyelid to turn inwards, called entropion, or the lid may turn outwards which is called ectropion.

Once an entropion has developed, the eyelashes then can come in contact with the corneal surface. This can make the eye feel very uncomfortable causing excessive watering, red-eye or even permanent corneal scarring and reduction in vision. An ophthalmologist will carefully review your eyelids and examine the corneal surface. Treatment involves surgical repair under local anaesthesia by a specialist. After surgery, symptoms resolve very quickly. 

Eyelid ectropion can be very obvious, with the lower lid becoming very red and inflamed. This also leads to exposure of the corneal surface and can cause a red eye, recurrent watering and ocular infections. Ectropion can also cause a failure of tears to drain properly to the lacrimal punctum thus leading to excessive watering. A careful examination of the eyelids, eye and lacrimal system is required and a surgical plan for repair can be made. The procedure is performed under light anaesthesia.

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