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Laser Hair Removal provides an effective long-term solution to the common problem of unwanted or excess hair.

It is suitable for both men and women and most areas of the face and body. A course of treatments is usually required at four to eight weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. The treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from both unsightly hairs and painful in-growing hairs.

At the Cadogan Clinic Hair Removal Clinic, we use two of the best lasers in the industry - the Cynosure Elite Plus and the industry-leading Soprano Harmony XL. During an initial consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic practitioners, they will advise which laser is best suited to your needs. 

Often referred to as the gold standard in laser hair removal, the Elite Plus from award-winning Cynosure uses both Alexandrite and ND Yag wavelengths and can treat all skin types, including darker and Asian skin types. It is a powerful laser that has a variety of spot sizes, therefore, it is a highly effective laser for hair removal on large areas such as full legs, the back or chest areas and laser hair removal for the full body. The Cynosure Elite Plus also gives fantastic results for smaller areas such as the face, upper lip, beard or bikini line.

With the Harmony XL handpiece, a large rectangular window emits broad-spectrum light and is applied to the surface of the skin. The energy travels harmlessly through the epidermis and dermis until it strikes the hair follicle, which contains a dense, melanin-rich hair shaft and bulb. The dark-coloured melanin absorbs the light and rises slowly in temperature, destroying the hair-producing cells surrounding the follicle. As the heat is not sustained, however, no damage occurs outside of the follicle area. Several visits will be required to catch the hairs at a time when they are most vulnerable since follicles that are in their dormant phase and do not have a hair growing out cannot absorb the light effectively and therefore cannot be treated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the Cynosure Elite+ as it’s wavelengths are the gold standard in the industry for laser hair removal. It’s the first machine of its kind that is able to treat darker skin types, and is the safest wavelength for hair reduction. It also has a dual-wavelength function so it can safely work deeper into the hair follicles, meaning you can expect to see results with fewer sessions than other hair removal procedures.

Although the procedure is often sold as ‘permanent’, it can only permanently reduce the number of unwanted hairs in a given area by up to 90%. Once an area has been treated, actively growing hair follicles should not re-grow, but some patients like to come back for a top-up treatment after a couple of years as maintenance.

The cost of laser hair removal varies according to area of the body being treated and amount of sessions needed to get a good result. Prices start from as little as £70 and go up to £450 per area. Package pricing is available for those that require more than a few sessions.

A bespoke price will be confirmed to you following an initial assessment (which includes a ‘test’ patch) with an aesthetician. This requires a non-refundable deposit of £25 to be paid to secure the booking and is redeemable against any cost of treatment going forward.

The amount of treatments you need will depend on the area being treated and your hair and skin type. Most patients require between four to six treatments, six weeks apart, in order to see permanent hair reduction. This is to ensure we are able to follow the hair growth cycle, as the laser only destroys hair in the early growth phase and at any time 20% of the hair is dormant.

At your initial consultation, your aesthetic practitioner will asses your skin and ask the relevant questions related to sun exposure, fake tans and medication.

Once this is completed, a patch test will be performed to determine the settings of the laser that will be used going forward to suit your skin and treat your hair effectively.

If you have a suntan or have used fake tan, you will not be able to be treated straight away as it is possible to have a reaction to the laser.  This is due to the fact that UV, (Ultraviolet) exposure stimulates the melanin activity in your skin and that laser hair removal predominantly works by targeting melanin in order to destruct the hair follicle from producing hair.

When tanned, it is advised to wait 4 to 6 weeks before resuming your treatments. You will be required to have a patch test on the areas being treated to ensure that there is no remanence of an active tan.

Lasers can not distinguish between the active melanin in the skin and the melanin in the hair.

If your aesthetic practitioner feels that your skin is tanned, the procedure will have to be postponed, to allow the tan to fade and a patch test will be required to commence your treatments safely after a minimum of 48 hours.

Laser hair removal works on most hair types, except light blonde, grey or red hair as they have little or no melanin for the laser to respond to. Laser hair removal is also suitable and safe for dark ethnic skin types. 

Yes! Unlike waxing, tweezing, threading, bleaching and epilating, it is absolutely fine to shave your hair in between your sessions, making laser a much more manageable ‘self-maintenance’ method of hair removal.

It may come across as though laser is going against the Holy grail of the traditional methods in preparation of hair removal, but there is a very good reason why it is recommended that you shave and do not need to allow the hair to grow long enough for adequate treatment.

As you progress with a laser hair removal course, you will notice that some hairs will still grow back in the area. These will reduce and become finer with each treatment.

When having laser hair removal, as a method to reduce your hair growth, it is only recommended to shave in between treatments rather than bleach, wax, thread, tweeze or epilate the re-growth.

This is because, using other methods of hair removal will deter the efficacy of the laser. By bleaching, you will strip away the melanin in the hair and the laser will not be able to target the melanin in the hairs and by waxing, tweezing, threading and epilating, you are pulling the hair out of the follicle and the laser will not be able to target the follicle adequately to destruct it.

Patients are advised to shave a minimum of 24 hours before the day of the subsequent treatment to avoid irritation on the skin from shaving and inducing heat to the area in a short space of time. When you shave the treatment area, you also superficially exfoliating the skin and this may cause some sensitivity.

After your laser session, you may shave the area after 48 hours as usual, if need be.

Shaving in between the treatment sessions will not have any negative impact on the outcome of the treatment as the hairs will diminish with your ongoing sessions.

Always ensure you adhere to the guidelines given by your practitioner for shaving, to maximise the results of the treatment.

There is no downtime required with the Cynosure Elite+ meaning you can continue with your day immediately after treatment. The area may be red with a raised rash for up to 24 hours afterwards. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after laser hair removal so avoid sun exposure for a few days after treatment and use sunscreen. Your aesthetic practitioner will advise you on any other aftercare needed.

Laser hair removal can be carried out on most facial and body areas, but common areas include:

Face: upper lip, chin, beard and jaw line, nose, neck and ears.

Body: Arms, underarms, legs, toes, bikini area, back, shoulders, chest and stomach.

To prepare for a laser hair removal treatment you will need to shave the area of skin the day before. On the day, you’ll wear specially designed goggles to protect your eyes. Local anaesthetic isn’t necessary but the aesthetician can apply a numbing cream to the area of skin being treated if required. A hand-held device is then held to your skin and the laser is triggered. This may feel like an elastic band snapping at your skin. Most patients find this bearable, but slight discomfort may be felt if you are extremely sensitive. Each session takes between 15 minutes to an hour depending on the number of areas being treated. Once the treatment is done, a cooling gel is applied to the area and you are able to resume your day.

Both laser and IPL produce energy to destroy the hair follicle but that is where the similarity ends. Soprano XL laser hair removal at Cadogan Clinic provides results which last much longer than IPL hair removal, as it can focus on a concentrated area and is a lot less painful. IPL is usually limited to lighter skin types whereas the Soprano XL can be used on Asian and Black skin also. The IPL machine at Cadogan Clinic is used for skin rejuvenation treatments for which it provides great results. 

At Cadogan Clinic laser hair removal for men is a popular treatment, especially for those with excess chest and back hair, or those who suffer from ingrown facial hairs.

You will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire during your initial consultation. This will enable your practitioner to asses your suitability and safety and determine the right method of hair removal for you. 

Laser hair removal is effective for the majority of hair types, except very light blonde, grey or red hair as these have little or no melanin for the laser to work on. Laser hair removal is, however, suitable and safe for darker ethnic skin types.

There are many different manufacturers of hair removal lasers. We use the industry’s leading brand of laser device, The Cynosure Elite, which is suitable to treat both fair and dark skin types and the majority of hair types, effectively and safely. The Cynosure Elite emits two different laser wavelengths, the Alexandrite 755nm and the Nd:Yag 1064nm.

These both work in different ways to destroy the hair follicle in the dermal layer.

The Alexandrite works by converting high energy light into heat energy, which is then targeted on the melanin in the hair, destroying it. This is also known as thermolysis.

The Nd:Yag wavelength works by targeting the blood supply of the root follicle using long pulses of energy, which is also converted into heat. This coagulates the blood supply to the hair follicle slowing down growth and the production of quality hair.

Those patients that have been exposed to direct sun or tanning light will require a test patch. The increased melanin of tanning competes with oxyhaemoglobin of blood vessels of the hair follicles and may cause increased pigmentation of the skin.

Lasers only destroy hair follicles in the active growth phase known as Anagen. Hairs grow in a cycle known as Anagen, Telogen and Catagen. Anagen is the first stage of active growth. Catagen is the resting stage of growth and Telogen is when the hair follicle recedes and the hair is shed ready for the Anagen stage to begin again. This process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. This is why it is recommended to have your sessions at these intervals catching another third of the follicles each time.

The recommended minimum number of sessions for hair removal is 6-8. You may require more sessions if you have an underlying hormonal imbalance, you are male or have dark hair on dark skin or light hair on light skin. The contrasting dark hair on light skin works best.

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in London we have one of the best laser hair removal machines available, the Soprano XL at Cadogan Clinic. As well as saving money on razors and waxing, laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types, gets effective results in permanent hair reduction, combats troublesome ingrown hairs and is relatively quick and easy.

Light emitted from the laser is absorbed by the hair and destroys it at the root, which prevents re-growth. The laser light targets the pigmentation in the hair, which is why laser hair removal gets great results on darker hair.

Laser hair removal is completely safe and one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available for both men and women.

Soprano XL laser hair removal at Cadogan Clinic is virtually painless but any minor discomfort can be reduced by applying a numbing cream beforehand.


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