Stretch marks are an extremely common and well-recognised skin condition. Whilst their exact cause is unclear, we know they are caused from a combination of hormonal factors, growth, rapid weight changes, steroid use, after pregnancy, and even from normal growing up. Immature stretchmarks are flattened, or even slightly raised pink to red. Immature stretch marks are white, and somewhat sunken, deriving the name atrophic. Within stretchmarks the dermis, or second layer of skin, is thinner and less well composed. They do not have any health repercussions but can result in a lot of distress to those of us that that carry them.

A number of treatments have been used to treat stretch marks and include creams derived from vitamin A, many classes of lasers, and other treatments. Whilst some improvement is produced by a lot of these treatments, stretchmarks are a really difficult problem to solve. This page presents cutting-edge high energy devices available at the Cadogan Clinic, that have a demonstrable scientific basis in the treatment of stretch marks.

Treatment Options

Enerjet™ is the most recent technology to join the Cadogan Clinic's offering.

A stretchmark happens when skin is constantly stretched, and the dermis, is stretched, and tethered to underlying structures. Enerjet injects medications prescribed by the doctor at very high pressure under the skin. The high-pressure "blasts" off the scar from its moorings (the tethering's).

The resulting microcavity is instantly filled with a spacing medication. This can be un-crosslinked dilute hyaluronic acid at a specific concentration; hypertonic saline, or sometimes even both. Whilst one treatment cannot produce complete correction of the stretchmark, a demonstrable improvement gained is typically gained.

Treatment works by stimulating the body to produce its own collagen, and the improvement so produced is usually long term, in stretchmarks that would otherwise be difficult to correct. Enerjet treatment results in small, temporary bumps under the skin, but there is otherwise minimal downtime, is suitable for all skin types, and there are no needles involved.

Several different lasers are available at the Cadogan Clinic, enabling a personalised treatment to be constructed. Lasers can be used to treat contour as well as colour. By changing settings on these high powered devices, the energies and densities can be changed to kickstart the body into producing more collagen, hence improving the quality of dermis that underlies the stretchmark. "Colour-based" lasers can also be used to improve colour issues within the stretchmark, although it is difficult to make lighter marks darker.

Other available technologies that may be suitable to the treatment of individual stretchmarks include dermapen and microneedling. Both of these treatments work by delivering a controlled injury to the skin (dermis), attempting to stimulate collagen production and therefore an improvement in the contour of the stretch mark over time.


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