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Pore size is largely influenced by genetics and ethnicity, however skin ageing, inflammation and excess sebum and surface residue may result in larger appearing pores.

It's important to cleanse the skin regularly as build up of excess oil and dirt within pores can lead to blockages and dilation, as well as exacerbate acne breakouts.

The natural ageing process leads to reduced collagen and elastin production within our skin, allowing pores to gradually dilate. Sun damage accelerates this process and may contribute to the formation of enlarged pores.

Enlarged pores do not pose any health risk but many find them to be an aesthetic concern and may seek treatment. Whilst it is difficult to permanently alter pore size, the appearance of pores can be minimized through targeted skincare and in office treatment options. Treatments such as chemical peels, laser and microneedling. may all be used to help diminish pores and improve glow, texture and skin quality.

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