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How do natural boobs change as we age? 

All parts of our bodies continue to see changes throughout our lives and breasts are no exception. Natural boobs see changes to their appearance and feel as we continue to age. The tissue and structure of natural boobs change due to changes in the levels of reproductive hormones. This can see boobs losing their fullness and becoming less firm. The ageing process also sees natural boobs see an increased risk in developing growths such as fibroids, cysts, and cancer. It remains a priority to examine your breasts and to be aware of any changes that may need medical attention.

The majority of changes to boobs happen when women are going through menopause. The average ages for this are between 45 and 55. This sees the amount of oestrogen being produced decrease and this means that the skin becomes less hydrated. The skin loses its elasticity and the breasts begin to lose their firmness and fullness. The dense breast tissue deteriorates and is replaced with more fatty tissue in its place. It is common for women to change their cup size as these changes take place during the ageing process.   

What are natural boobs and how do they change as we age?

When referring to natural boobs, what is commonly meant is boobs that have not undergone any surgery. When women have undergone any boob augmentation there will be changes to how ageing affects them. Some of the key physical changes to boobs as we age include:

As we have seen, the major factor behind all these changes is a drop in levels of oestrogen. This reproductive hormone is responsible for stimulating the growth of breast tissue. Lower levels of oestrogen see this stimulation drop and the mammary glands shrink in size. As the density of breast tissue reduces it tends to be replaced by fat. It is this that causes boobs to lose their firmness and to appear less full than they had done previously. These changes can cause boobs to look smaller and to sag. Whilst all of these changes are normal and part of the ageing process, for many women it is not something that they want to accept. It is often that this is the first time in a woman’s life that she may start to consider boob enhancement. 

How can fat transfer to boobs restore natural-looking boobs?

Fat transfer to boobs is sometimes referred to as a natural boob job. This is because rather than using implants to change their appearance you are actually using fat from your own body. Also known as fat grafting, this procedure sees fat being harvested from elsewhere on your body. Liposuction is used and typically the fat is taken from your waist, buttocks, or thighs. The fat is then transferred to your boobs and has the effect of increasing their volume.

For women with natural boobs who are experiencing any of the changes associated with ageing, fat transfer to boobs can be the ideal solution. Unlike when breast implants are used, this process is not for significantly increasing the size of your boobs. Instead, the aim is to refine the shape and size and to give your breasts a subtle boost. A further benefit of fat transfer to boobs is that there is not the same issue with scarring that is expected when implants are used. With this process, rather than incisions being made, the fat is injected into your breasts. 

What is a boob augmentation or boob enhancement, and how is this different?

Boob augmentation is a general term that refers to any cosmetic procedure that increases the size of the breasts. This may be achieved by using silicone implants or by using fat transfer to boobs. The result of boob augmentation is boobs that have an increase in size and so appear larger and fuller. What this procedure does not assist with is one of the most common issues that come with ageing: breasts that begin to sag. 

Boob enhancement includes procedures such as a boob lift. Rather than focusing on increasing the size, as the name suggests, the boobs are lifted and are also reshaped. This is an ideal solution for women who are experiencing any sagging. Often with the ageing process, there is more than one issue that a woman would like to put right. As well as sagging it is likely that a woman will lose the fullness and firmness in her breasts. This means that is worth looking at combining boob augmentation and boob enhancement so that all of these issues can be resolved and so that women can regain confidence in the appearance of their breasts.

Is there such thing as boob fillers?

It is common for derma fillers to be used to address wrinkles on the face or to add plumpness to the lips. When it comes to boob fillers, the same filler used for lips can have an impact on breast size. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and when boob fillers are used it is this substance that is injected into the breast. The result is an increase in breast size but the results are not permanent.

We do not perform this treatment at the Cadogan Clinic. Generally, the results from boob fillers can only be seen for a matter of months and such large quantities of filler would be required that other treatments are so much more effective. After a few months your body begins to naturally reabsorb the filler. To maintain the results that you had it is then necessary to have your treatment repeated. For an increase in breast size that is longer-term, it is worth considering fat transfer to boobs as an alternative. A consultation with a specialist is the best way to find out more about how the issues caused to breasts by ageing can be rectified. At times the best results are not achieved through one procedure and a combination may be necessary.

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