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What are the alternatives to liposuction?

Liposuction alternatives do exist, although for substantial areas of fat reduction we would recommend traditional liposuction. This is because this technique is more effective at removing fat cells, tightening the skin and permanently changing the shape than other liposuction alternatives. Liposuction alternatives include:

In this post we seek to share some of the best alternatives to liposuction alongside some of the most effective non surgical fat removal treatments on the market.

What are the best alternatives to liposuction?

The best alternatives to liposuction surgery are the more invasive non surgical alternatives, such as laser liposuction and Smart lipo. 

As the leading centre of liposuction in the UK, we know there are very few alternatives that match up to surgical intervention in terms of effectiveness. That said if you’re on the fence about Liposuction it’s important you understand what non surgical treatments can and can’t do.

Laser-Lipo is one such non surgical alternative to liposuction requiring smaller incisions and often healing very quickly. The Laser-Lipo process works by liquifying the fat so that it can be easily removed from the body, this treatment also helps in easily tightening the skin around the target area

CoolSculpting is another alternative to liposuction, it works through cooling the fat cells in the target area until they become a crystal like structure and eventually shatter, allowing the body to then flush out the shattered pieces

There are also Radiofrequency techniques that liquify fat cells and tighten loose skin within a target area.

It’s important to note that despite these alternatives, liposuction is quite often the best solution for patients and provides the most reliable, effective solution for most patients. For information on any treatment, please consult our clinic through our contact form where a qualified expert will advise you on the best steps moving forward.

What is the most effective, non surgical form of fat removal?

SmartLipo is the most effective, non surgical fat removal treatment that also has many benefits, it uses a laser to liquify fat and is explained more below.

A simple weight loss programme can also work wonders for fat removal without the need for any surgery. However, the time cost must be weighed up as for many, surgery may provide the solution they’ve been longing for.

Non Surgical Liposuction
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What is the cheapest form of liposuction?

The cheapest form of liposuction is likely to be a non surgical form of liposuction that does not deliver effective, meaningful results.

As such, we would strongly recommend surgical liposuction as the most cost effective form of liposuction, which will make more financial sense when final results are taken into account.

Surgical liposuction starts from £3,950 at the Cadogan Clinic.

For an accurate treatment quote or for any general questions on a treatment, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at our clinic via our contact form or by phone.

What is better liposuction or Smartlipo?

Whilst both Liposuction and Smartlipo are highly effective and safe methods of fat removal, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Although SmartLipo has the advantage of smaller incisions, the long term results and reliability of this treatment are less substantial when compared to the more consistent, effective solution traditional liposuction brings to a patient.


All in all, there are many alternatives to traditional liposuction which can be cost effective and require less physical treatment, however the proven reliability of surgery makes it a hard contender to beat. We advise all individuals to thoroughly research these methods and consult trained professionals, such as those at our clinic, before any vast decisions are made.

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