Advice for sagging breasts after weight loss?

The breasts are supported by ligaments forming an internal skeleton to the glandular tissue (ligaments of Astley Cooper) and the elasticity of the skin. Basically breasts sag after weight loss because these ligaments and skin only have a limited ability to retract as the fatty element of the breast lose volume. The skin envelope is relatively larger and the internal ligaments overstretched.

There are however numerous factors which compound the problem, some, but not all, are avoidable.

There is genetic variance in the ability of an individual’s skin to retract. At the extreme there are diseases of collagen, eg Ehlos Danlos syndrome, there is no retraction, just constant stretching. Surgery works, but the process is not arrested.

Patients, who naturally have large breasts, will always suffer more than those with a flat chest. There is a greater weight and more to sag. Weight gain before weight loss has the same effect. As indeed does pregnancy. Pregnancy has the extra issue of high circulating hormones also relaxing tissues. The skin may stretch to the point where it gives way developing Striae or stretch marks. These are also a problem for bodybuilders taking anabolic steroids or patients suffering from an increased production of steroids eg Cushing’s disease or simply being treated with steroids for a variety of mostly an autoimmune disease.

The end result is too much skin and loss of volume.

The solution is to reduce the skin by breast lift (mastopexy) or increase the volume or both. One has to bear in mind that there is now more skin and an increase in volume (breast augmentation) to restore shape will need to leave bigger breasts than you started with. In addition, the added weight may contribute to further stretching.

Here are a numerous ways to lift the breast and breasts can be enlarged with implants or your own transferred fat with and without enhancement with stem cells.

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