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Why do breasts sag after weight loss and what can I do?

Breasts sag after weight loss because the ligaments that support the breast and the breast skin only have a limited ability to retract as the fatty element of the breast lose volume.

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Why do breasts sag after weight loss?

The skin envelope is relatively larger and the internal ligaments are overstretched by this point.

This effect can be compounded by genetic variance in skin elasticity and natural collagen levels. Patients, who naturally have large breasts, will also always suffer more than those with a flat chest since there is a greater weight and more to sag. Pregnancy can have the same effect.

Breasts sag after weight loss because the ligaments that support the breast and the breast skin only have a limited ability to retract as the fatty element of the breast lose volume. The solution is to remove the sagging skin by breast lift (mastopexy) or increase the volume via a breast augmentation or natural breast augmentation, or a combination of the two.

The Detail

As you gain weight, the fatty tissue in your breast expands as it does in all areas of the body. This makes the breast area heavier and larger, putting more strain and pressure on the connective tissue and ligaments that connect the breast to the chest.

When you then lose that extra weight, the fatty tissue in the breast shrinks away, but does not tighten the stretched underlying supportive ligaments.

The overall effect after weight loss is therefore a noticeable deflation of volume in the breast envelope, and the appearance of inelastic pocket of excess surface skin. This 'sagging' is often perceptible to the eye, and the cause of a degree of psychological distress.

The Solution

There are three key surgical treatments to correct breasts after you have lost weight and they have sagged, and to restore their original volume and contours.

  • Breast Lift (or Mastopexy) – to lift the breast into a newly elevated position, and with its original contours
  • Breast Augmentation – to increase the volume of the breast via a breast implant, leaving a smoother, firmer appearance as the excess skin is draped over a larger breast mould
  • Natural Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer) – to increase the volume of the breast via the injection of the body’s own fat, harvested from other areas of the body by liposuction. When injected at enough volume, the fat re-inflates the breast to its previous capacity

It is also very common to combine a lift procedure with an augmentation procedure of your choice for the optimal outcome. Your specialist breast consultant can answer all of your questions and provide guidance at your consultation.

Do your breasts get perkier when you lose weight?

Unfortunately, weight loss does not automatically mean perkier breasts. When weight is lost, the fatty tissue in the breast shrinks away, but this does not tighten the stretched underlying supportive ligaments. As a result of losing this volume, the breasts take on a deflated, sagging appearance.

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How do you fix saggy breasts after weight loss?

Surgery is by far the best way to fix sagging breasts following dramatic weight loss. We offer three different breast surgeries here at the Cadogan Clinic which will help to restore volume and contours.

How can I lose breast fat without sagging?

Unfortunately, there is nothing which can halt the sagging process. Surgery is the only effective way to correct sagging breasts, restoring a more youthful, perkier appearance.

Breast lift surgery restores the elasticity of the female breast tissue by removing excess sagging tissue in the breast and reshaping and repositioning the breast mound and nipple. The blood supply is preserved at all times. A slight 'over-correction' is typically performed in order to anticipate the breasts dropping into a more natural position as the swelling subsides. The overall effect created is a more ''pert'' and rejuvenated looking breast which falls naturally and proportionally in relation to the rest of the chest.

To ensure the best possible results, your surgeon may also recommend a breast enlargement or reduction, to be performed alongside your breast lift. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Breasts can vary greatly from person to person. Through the course of a woman’s life, her breasts will also constantly change and develop.

Breasts can sag for a variety of reasons, including age, pregnancy and weight fluctuations. A good diet, exercises which target the chest muscles behind the breasts, maintaining good posture, nourishing the skin and investing in a good quality supportive bra can help to slow down breast sagging. However, any promise to deliver a meaningful breast lift without surgery or lift your breasts naturally should be treated with extreme caution and care.


Words from our clients:

How can I tighten my loose breast fat without sagging?

The best solution for saggy breasts, and the restoration of more youthful perkier breasts, is via a breast mastopexy or breast uplift procedure. During this type of breast surgery, the surrounding tissue is tightened. The overall effect is to lift the breast position in order to generate a rejuvenated appearance of the breast. Breast uplift surgery does not significantly increase the size of the breasts.

Of course, the ageing process continues beyond the surgery, but a woman can expect her newly uplifted breasts to remain in their new position for a long time after surgery.

However, it is worth noting that the timing of breast lift is important to ensure the optimum result of breast lift surgery. Going through a pregnancy after breast uplift surgery is likely to stretch the breasts again. You may wish to wait until you have finished your family before undergoing breast uplift surgery. It is also advisable to wait at least six months after you have finished your breastfeeding journey, to allow your breasts to regain shape.

Breast lift surgery can help increase body confidence and self-esteem for women whose breasts have sagged as a result of ageing, pregnancy or genetics.

If you are considering this surgery, you will have a consultation with one of the Cadogan Clinic’s expert surgeons which will allow you to express what you hope to achieve through breast uplift surgery. In turn, our expert surgeon will be able to discuss in detail what may or may not be possible given your existing breast anatomy, bone structure and skin quality.

Cadogan Clinic is an award-winning specialist cosmetic clinic, with a track record of delivering safe, high-quality cosmetic surgery. We specialise in breast surgery and the latest surgical breast techniques. We have a roster of top breast specialists on our team.

Book an appointment with one of our experts today and let us help you to achieve your body goals.

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