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Where can I get my implant removed?

Our expert surgeons carry out breast implant removal and breast implant replacement surgery here at the Cadogan Clinic. This surgery involves removing the old breast implants and, if desired, replacing them with new ones.

This procedure may be carried out to correct complications or in combination with other procedures. Implants can also be replaced if a patient’s preference over the size and shape of the breasts has changed.

We have never used PIP breast implants at Cadogan Clinic and patients can rest assured that our implants are of the very highest quality.

If you have ever had breast implants at a clinic which may have used PIP implants, our surgeons can discuss surgery with you. We strongly recommend you contact us if you are experiencing any irritation or inflammation in your chest area and think you may have been exposed to PIP implants in the past.

What happens if I get my implant removed?

Breast implant removal is carried out under a general anaesthetic and the procedure will take one to two hours.

The surgeon will cut along the existing scar and remove the implants before re-suturing the site.

Following breast implant removal surgery, a patient will have bandages and sometimes drains on the affected area. Women who have undergone this procedure must wear a support bra or compression garment in order to reduce swelling following surgery.

The results of the breast implant removal surgery will depend upon the size of the implant removed and the quality and quantity of the remaining breast tissue. Sometimes scar tissue will also need to be removed during this procedure.

Can I get my implants removed on the NHS?

The NHS does not routinely fund the removal of breast implants.

There are very few exceptions to this and then the operation will only be agreed to if there is a clinical need for the removal. Exemptions include if the patient has breast cancer.

When it comes to PIP implants, the NHS will consider surgery to remove them but only if the clinic which implanted them in the patient to begin with either won’t help or has closed down.

The NHS in England won't provide replacement implants if the original implants were fitted privately, except in a very small number of cases where they were fitted for medical, rather than cosmetic, reasons.

If you had PIP breast implants originally fitted on the NHS, you may be able to have them removed and replaced by the NHS at no cost.

What are the side effects of breast implant removal?

The possible side effects of breast implant removal include, but are not limited to, the following:

Our surgeons at the Cadogan Clinic will always discuss any potential side-effects with you before embarking on any treatment.

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