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What conditions can ear surgery target?

The ears are a prominent feature of the face, and their size, shape and position can have a major effect on the overall balance and appearance of the face. Ears that stick out, appear out of proportion or mis-shapen can have a huge impact on an individual’s self-esteem and body image.

Surgery can help with droopy earlobes and ear correction, altering the size or shape or appearance of the ears. Ear surgery can be carried out on anyone from primary school aged children to older men and women, depending on the problem which requires correction.

Here we look at ear correction and droopy earlobes and how our expert surgeons here at the Cadogan Clinic can help you.

Ear correction

Ear correction surgery is a cosmetic surgery which aims to alter the size or shape of the ears or pin them back if they stick out. The procedure of pinning back the ears is known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty. It is usually carried out on children and young teenagers, although adults may wish to have it done too. However, an otoplasty procedure is not suitable for children younger than five as their ears will still be growing and developing.

Most people are happy with the results of an otoplasty, and generally, it is considered to be a safe procedure. However, it can be expensive and there are still risks to consider before agreeing to this type of surgery.

Otoplasty procedures usually take up to two hours and can be performed under local or general anaesthetic, depending on the individual case. During the treatment, the surgeon makes an incision along the crease-line behind the ear and removes any excess cartilage that is causing it to protrude. The ear is then pinned back along the fold to its new position, closer to the head. Following the surgery, the area will be stitched up and a dressing applied to support the cartilage in its new place.

Ear correction surgery may be available on the NHS, particularly for children who need it for therapeutic (medical) reasons.

There is another treatment available at the Cadogan Clinic called Earfold, an alternative treatment for prominent ears which is done under local anaesthetic. This involves a small implant designed to reposition prominent ears quickly. 

Droopy Earlobe

Just like the rest of the skin on the face, earlobes are not immune to the effects of ageing.

As a person ages, their skin loses elasticity, causing sagging and wrinkling. When it comes to earlobes, these droop and lengthen as part of this process. Although earlobes may appear larger in an older person, in reality these have just stretched out.

Although ageing is a major factor in droopy earlobes, sun exposure and the type of skin a person has can also have an effect. Wearing heavy earrings can also cause earlobes to droop further and faster than they would do naturally. Heavy earrings can lengthen the lobe and stretch the pierced hole so that earrings fall out. In the worst cases, these can even cause the lobe to completely split.

There are rejuvenation techniques at each stage, including dermal fillers to plump out saggy skin and transferred fat to improve skin quality. 

Surgically stretched or split earlobes are easily repaired by ear surgery, which will also reduce long droopy earlobes to a smaller size, giving them a more youthful appearance.

The procedure is quick and effective, and takes place under local anaesthetic in under an hour.

We would advise any patients who choose to have a facelift here at the Cadogan Clinic to also consider earlobe surgery at the same time. When untreated, droopy earlobes can be a real giveaway of a person’s true age.

If you feel you may require ear surgery to change the appearance, size or shape of your ears, please book an appointment with our experts here at the Cadogan Clinic to discuss the options available to you.

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