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What are frown lines?

Sometimes called worry lines, frown lines are the lines that can be seen across the forehead. These are lines that appear with certain facial expressions that we all make. While we are younger, these lines disappear the moment we change our expression. As we age, they start to last longer, before becoming permanent. It is possible for younger people to be affected and regardless of age the majority of people seek ways to remove or at least conceal their appearance.

The reason that people look at how to get rid of frown lines is because of the impact that it has on their self-esteem. The permanent presence of these can have a knock-on effect on peoples level of confidence and cause severe emotional distress. Both men and women are affected by frown lines and both sexes are keen to find a solution for them. We all need to find a way to be happy with our appearance and fortunately, advances in treatments mean that frown lines are something that can be dealt with. 

What causes frown lines?

There are several factors that go into causing frown lines, but the main one is ageing or at least premature ageing of the skin. The lines appear due to the facial expressions that we make. Some people are more expressive than others and this can lead to deeper frown lines. The expressions that we make require us to use our muscles and this forces the skin to gather up. This happens when we’re frowning or maybe squinting. As we age, the skin losses some of its elasticity and this means that it stops going back. Some of the other factors that can cause frown lines are:

Our individual make up determines our skin types. One person may have thick and resilient skin whereas someone else may have naturally thin and delicate skin. 

This can cause frown lines in a couple of ways. First off when we’re out in the sun it is common to squint more than normal because of the brightness. Secondly, the UV rays from the sun actually break down the skin and cause it to age prematurely.

We all accept that smoking is not the wisest choice health-wise, but it also makes frown lines worse. Smoking leads to blood vessels being constricted and this means that there is less oxygenated blood travelling around our bodies. In time this leads to the skin losing its elasticity and so more wrinkles develop.

Feeling stressed can make us tense our bodies without realising and we may also tense our faces. Aside from this it also causes us to release a chemical called cortisol which can lead to ageing of the skin. 

How to get rid of frown lines

When looking at how to get rid of frown lines, people will often explore things that they can do for themselves as well as options that are available from a private clinic. In terms of self-care, there are a couple of options to consider:

A healthy skincare regime isn’t going to permanently rid you of frown lines, but it can help to reduce their appearance and it can slow down their onset. Washing your face can help remove toxins that age the skin and exfoliating can remove the dead skin cells, revealing the younger skin underneath. Applying sun cream of at least factor 30 every day can also help.

As frown lines are caused, and worsened, by our facial expressions it is possible to buy pads that restrict you from making these. By applying them to your forehead you are physically unable to make the expressions that cause frown lines. These may not be the most practical solution.

The most effective solutions for those searching for how to get rid of frown lines can be found by consulting a professional. The options that can be explored here include:

This treatment is carried out by injecting muscle relaxants into the area affected by frown lines. This works as the relaxation of the muscles allows your skin to smooth out and this reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

The safest derma fillers are based on the active ingredient hyaluronic acid. This is something that is naturally present in our bodies and it softens wrinkles and frown lines. 

Options such as a brow lift are effective when it comes to frown lines. This works by raising the soft tissue and skin on the forehead and brow. 

Are surgical solutions more effective than non-surgical solutions for frown lines?

As with many cosmetic procedures, the answer here is that it depends. There are factors to consider such as skin type, the extent of any frown lines as well as how long-lasting any solution may be. Consulting with an expert will allow you to fully explore the options that are available to you as well as allowing you to set realistic expectations in terms of the results.

Anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers will provide results in a very short space of time and are also non-invasive. Surgical solutions will have a longer recovery period due to how invasive they are, but the results will be longer-lasting. 

Is brow lift surgery the best option to get rid of frown lines?

Brow lift surgery is an effective solution to getting rid of frown lines. It also has long-lasting results certainly when it is compared to non-surgical options. A consultation with one of our experts can help to determine if this is the best solution for you. It is often the case that to achieve the best results it is necessary to combine a brow lift with other forms of surgery. This includes eyelid reconstruction and fat grafting. Fat grafting sees fat being moved from elsewhere on the body and then injected into your forehead. This adds to the volume of your brow and temple.

Brow lift surgery tends to be the best option for those who are seeking a permanent solution to frown lines. As with any surgery, there can be some discomfort afterwards and you will require time to recover, but those who undergo this procedure are generally more than satisfied with the results. 

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