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What are droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids, otherwise known as ptosis, refers to the sagging of the eyelids over the eyes.

This can affect one (unilateral ptosis) or both of the eyes (bilateral ptosis).

The condition may come and go, or it may be permanent. It can be present from birth (congenital ptosis), or develop later in life (acquired ptosis).

Most of the time, this drooping is barely noticeable. But in extreme cases, the droopy upper lid can cover the eye enough to cause visual impairment.

Why is my eyelid drooping?

Anyone can get drooping eyelids, although it is more common in older adults as it is part of the natural ageing process. The levator muscle, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid, stretches with age, causing the eyelid to droop. When children are born with ptosis, it is because this levator muscle has not developed properly.

There are certain other factors which may put you at risk of developing droopy eyelids, including certain underlying medical conditions. If one eyelid is drooping, this could be the result of nerve injury or a temporary stye. Routine laser or cataract surgery may also be the root cause of eyelid drooping.

More serious medical conditions, such as brain tumour, stroke, neurological disorders and cancer of the nerves of muscles, can also trigger eyelid droop.

Can rubbing my eyes cause droopy eyelids?

The eyes and eyelids are very delicate and excessive rubbing has, in some cases, been shown to cause droopy eyelids.

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How do you fix droopy eyelids?

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid reduction surgery, is highly effective at fixing droopy eyelids, and is the one lifting procedure which rarely needs to be repeated. Blepharoplasty involves the removal of loose skin and excess fatty tissues around the eye area, tightening the relaxed muscles and giving the skin a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Blepharoplasty surgery can give life-changing results and our experienced expert surgeons will not change the shape of the eyes, unless this is the aim. Surgery has evolved in recent years and less muscle fat and skin are being removed.

The skin of the eyelids is excellent at hiding scars, and any blepharoplasty scars will be hidden in the fold of the upper eyelid, making them nearly invisible on most people.

Whilst the occasional non-surgical touch-up may be required to maintain the full effects of droopy eyelid surgery, another skin excision is unlikely and you can expect droopy eyelids to be restored following one surgery.

Is there a cream to tighten the eyelids?

There are a number of creams available on the market which claim to tighten the eyelids. However, eyelid reduction surgery is by far the best treatment available.

How much does it cost to fix droopy eyelids?

Blepharoplasty procedures at the Cadogan Clinic start from £4,000, however every individual is different, and an accurate price will be quoted depending on your individual needs. Book a consultation at our clinic to find out exactly what your surgery will cost and what will be required for your particular case.

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