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Alex Green


"I wanted to have surgery as I was thinking of how amazing the future would be, but was nervous about openly discussing something so personal to me"

After years of to-ing and fro-ing over my bumpy nose, I decided that 2019 was the year I would take the next step. No longer did I want to avoid side profile situations, catch glimpses of my profile in changing room mirrors, or obsessively look at everyone else's nose on the tube. I wanted to make the change, take the step and feel the difference. I suppose I hadn't made it too much of a priority previously, but it was something that I had thought about almost every single day. Having the support of my partner helped immensely, but ultimately, this was my decision and something that I wanted to do, for me. I had created the circumstances that meant I could commit to surgery, both financially and time-wise and I felt excited about seeing the changes I had always wanted to see.

Mr Atherton was just wonderful. His calm, reassuring manner and infinite knowledge helped me make my decision a reality. A consummate and experienced professional with an expert eye who spoke to me about the procedure in simplistic terms that I could grasp and assimilate. Mr Atherton understood fully what I was hoping for and that I wanted to enhance my appearance without diluting the essence of myself. I can honestly say that he has achieved all of my hopes and has exceeded my expectations. I am truly thrilled to look in the mirror and see myself, only a better version!

THINKING - of the future and how amazing it would be if I made this happen

FEELING - Nervous - I would have to discuss openly something very personal to myself /wondering how people would react to my decision DOING - Carrying on day-today but discussing a lot with a few close and trusted people

THINKING - I actually went quite blank, in front of the surgeon you tend to feel a little overcome - best to make a list ahead of your appoint with 5 main topics you want to cover/questions you wish to ask

FEELING - Anxious, embarrassed and self-conscious.

DOING - Listening - much of the conversation didn't sink in, so the letter I received after summarising my appointment was incredibly informative [as was the reassurance and support I received from my dedicated SPA]

THINKING - Again, of the future and planning how day to day life might different with the change I had always wanted to see

FEELING - Excited and nervous and full of questions....AGAIN!

DOING - Organising my finances

THINKING - Again lots of questions - Will I be happy with the result? Will I recognise myself? What will people think? Will I wake up?

FEELING - Nervous/happy/excited - wanting it to be the day. Impatience.

DOING - Preparing life for some downtime. Tying up ends at work and organising logistics around getting to and from clinic.

THINKING - What am I doing? Will be happy? Should I have done this?!

FEELING - Nervous - odd mix of fear and excitement

DOING - Calming myself, focusing, texting those who knew

THINKING - This better be worth it! What have I done to myself!

FEELING - Sore, restless, emotional, impatience, waiting to see the result.

DOING - Not much - Resting, thinking about all the things I want to do around the house!

Alex Green

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