What is a non surgical breast lift?

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is an operation which treats breasts that have drooped due to age, pregnancy or other factors.

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What is a non surgical breast lift?

Breasts can change shape, size and appearance numerous times through the course of a woman’s life. Age and pregnancy are the common causes of breast droopiness, but breast lift surgery (mastopexy) can effectively treat this complaint. 

However, there are a number of non-surgical breast lift options, which involve no cuts or incisions, meaning you would not need to go under an anesthetic. This results in minimal downtime and means you can return to your day-to-day business sooner than if you had a surgical breast lift. There are a number of different non surgical breast lift options available on the market, however, it is worth noting that none of these produce results as effective or as long-lasting as a surgical breast lift.

How To Lift Breasts Naturally?

There are a number of treatments that claim to lift breasts naturally.

Chest exercises: Targeted chest exercise is the best way to lift the breasts naturally. Although there is no muscle in the breast itself, the pectoral muscles can be toned which in turn will give the breasts a natural lift. Good exercises to try include push-ups and bench presses. Regular swimming also helps to work out these muscles.

But although chest exercises strengthen and tone the pectoral muscles giving breasts a lift, this will not be as effective as cosmetic surgery in treating drooping breasts.

Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are quick injectable treatments used to plump out ageing skin that has lost volume as the collagen that previously helped to shape and support it has disappeared. They are mainly used on the face, including the lips and cheeks, and are also an effective treatment for ageing hands.  Some clinics offer dermal fillers as a non-invasive option to lift the breasts. However, due to a lack of long-term studies on their effectiveness, cosmetic fillers aren’t considered go-to treatments for the breasts.

Anti-ageing injectables: Just like dermal fillers, anti-ageing injectables (such as Botox) are injected into the skin, but work by relaxing the muscles under the skin. Some clinics use anti-ageing injectables in the pectoral area to prevent slouching shoulders, which can impact on the appearance of the breasts. But this is not recognised as an effective way to tackle drooping breasts. The results are minor and short-lived, lasting between three and six months. We would not recommend this as a non surgical breast lift option.

Laser treatments: There are certain lasers that can tighten the skin and can help you get a breast lift without surgery. However if a woman requires a significant breast lift, then laser treatment will not be sufficient to achieve any meaningful lift.

Vampire breast lift: This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood. Although it can temporarily lift the bust slightly, it will not treat sagging breasts, and is also not a treatment recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or women with a history of breast cancer.

Aptos threading: This treatment uses small barbed Aptos threads to pull the skin of the breasts upwards. However just like other noninvasive treatments, it is only a temporary solution to the problem of drooping breasts and is no substitute for breast lift surgery.

Caci bust treatment: Electrical pulses are delivered to the muscles surrounding the breasts, with the intention of toning up the chest muscles, which lifts the breasts as a result, in a similar way to chest exercises. However repeated treatments would be needed in order to see any meaningful result. 

Thermage: Radio waves are used to stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin. This treatment may temporarily help with mild sagging, but women who are experiencing moderate to severe drooping would not see much benefit, if any, from this particular treatment.

Creams, lotions and natural remedies: There are plenty of treatments and remedies on the market which purport to lift the breasts. Some of these can be very expensive. But as many of these are unproven or do not provide noticeable long-term results, the Cadogan Clinic does not recommend investing in a cream, lotion or any other non-surgical solution

Breast massage: There is no evidence to indicate that massage, including with oils or ice, can help to treat breasts that are already drooping.

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Eating a healthy diet can help to lift the breasts, as well as having a positive impact on all round health. Fatty protein foods should be avoided and vitamins, minerals and calcium should be consumed. Eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage would also be beneficial.

We strongly advise quitting smoking, as this is one of the main causes of saggy breasts, as well as generally accelerating the ageing process.

A good, well-fitting bra can help to support and improve the appearance of drooping breasts. It can also help to prevent breasts sagging in the first place. We strongly recommend getting measured by a professional bra-fitter in order to find out your correct size.

In conclusion, there are plenty of treatments and remedies on the market which purport to lift the breasts without the need for surgery. But as many of these treatments are unproven or do not provide noticeable long-term results, the Cadogan Clinic does not recommend investing in a non-surgical solution.

Words from our clients:

Why does the Cadogan Clinic recommend the surgical alternative?

Surgery is the only sure-fire way to lift and reshape the breasts. Non-surgical alternatives, such as wearing push-up bras and massage, will not deliver the same results as surgical alternatives.

It is not possible to perform a breast lift without surgery as the same meaningful results cannot be achieved.

Breast mastopexy effectively lifts and reshapes the breasts using various techniques to rejuvenate the look of low-hanging, ‘empty’ or saggy breasts. This treatment can help to boost self-confidence and help women to feel happy in their bodies.

Here at the Cadogan Clinic, we specialise in breast surgery and the latest surgical breast techniques. We have a roster of top breast specialists on our team. Come and visit us and we can discuss how we can help you achieve your body goals.

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