What scars are left from breast reduction surgery?

Due to our specialism in liposuction, it is possible in some cases to perform breast reduction using liposuction techniques only. This technique is often known as ‘scarless breast reduction’ since the incisions required can be made in less prominent positions, such as under the arms, where they cannot been seen.

More typically, however, following traditional techniques you should expect a small degree of scarring. There are different techniques for breast reduction and the scars created will depend on the technique employed, as well as the patient in question and the size of the breasts being reduced. Most commonly you should expect some scarring around the nipple, across the bottom of the breast fold, and a vertical scar linking the nipple scar to the breast fold scar giving rise to the so-called ‘inverted T’ or anchor pattern.  Some surgeons prefer to perform the operation omitting the breast fold scar giving rise to the ‘vertical scar’ reduction.  Not everybody is necessarily eligible for this and it tends to be used for not such large breasts.

Regardless of which technique you undergo, Cadogan Clinic is able to provide each and every one of its patients with access to one of London’s most advanced scar minimization and prevention teams following their procedure. Our nurses have decades of experience and will provide you with the tools and techniques to support your healing process as effectively as possible.

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