How can you fix a protruding nipple?

A protruding nipple can be fixed by trimming the skin and bulk of the nipple to shrink its overall size. It is similar to other procedures that remove excess tissue from the body, but in this case, the procedure is on a much smaller scale and scars insignificant.

Around one in ten women in the UK suffer from nipple-related conditions where the nipples may be irregular or enlarged causing them to protrude through clothing. Protrusion can be a source of embarrassment as well as pain and irritation known as ‘jogger’s nipple’. 

Protruding nipples can be an issue for men too. Underlying breast tissue may, in addition, push the nipples outward and require reduction. This condition is called Gynaecomastia.

Nipple correction is about ridding the patient of their social anxiety or embarrassment and physical pain from their condition.

Protruding nipple correction at our Clinic can reduce the height and width of the nipple while still preserving sensation. Nipple correction can easily be combined with other procedures, so you only have to go through the process of surgery once.

If you find your self-image and your confidence comprised by protruding nipples, the solution may be easier than you thought. The procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. It can be carried out under local anaesthesia or in combination with other procedures (under general anaesthesia).

Recovery from protruding nipple surgery is quick with very little disruption to your normal routine. Nipple correction surgery is an outpatient procedure. Since there is no long rest period following the procedure you will be back in the swing of things with newfound confidence in no time.

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