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How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?

Commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’ gynaecomastia is a medical condition that can see males develop breast tissue. It is a relatively common condition and can be caused by excessive deposits of fat around the chest area. It can also be caused by an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Given the link to hormones, it is often the case that gynaecomastia affects teenage boys and younger men. Often it is the case that youngsters will naturally lose their ‘man boobs’ as they age but this doesn’t do away with the discomfort, as well as loss of self-confidence, that they may experience in the meantime. Teenagers and young men can be particularly sensitive and self-conscious about their appearance and this can lead to people exploring male breast reduction costs. 

It is not just those at the age of puberty that are affected by gynecomastia. Older men also suffer as hormone levels tend to change with age. There are also lifestyle factors to consider alongside this. Weight gain and obesity can have an impact on the development of man boobs as can medical conditions such as cirrhosis and testicular disease. At times it can present itself as a slight puffiness around the nipple but at others, men can develop prominent breasts. Some men find that this causes them to feel embarrassed and it can have a detrimental impact on their levels of confidence and self-esteem. Man boob surgery cost becomes a consideration for many who seek a change.

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How much does male breast reduction cost in the UK?

Gynaecomastia cost can vary across the UK but on average men can expect to pay between £3,500 and £5,500 for this surgery. Men opt for surgery for several reasons but generally, it leads to them feeling much more confident in their appearance and this can be a massive boost to their emotional well being. Aside from this, other benefits include a firmer upper chest, tighter skin across the chest, and a more masculine appearance. Following surgery, men are often confident enough to dress differently and take up activities that they may have previously avoided such as swimming or going to the gym. A consultation with an expert can allow you to discuss exactly what you are hoping to achieve and that your expectations can be met. 

When considering breast reduction costs, it is perhaps helpful to have an understanding of what the procedure involves. The method used to reduce the prominence of man boobs is liposuction. Traditional liposuction is used to remove excess fat and then contour the shape of the chest. Male breast reduction usually takes 1-2 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. There are times when the cause of male breasts is glandular rather than fatty deposits. When this is the case, as well as liposuction the breast disc is removed by making a small, discrete, incision around the areola.  

Does male breast reduction surgery cost more in London?

When looking for a clinic to carry out surgery, there are several factors that may affect man boob surgery cost. A major factor that will influence male breast reduction cost is the extent of the surgery required. At times liposuction alone is sufficient to remove man boobs, but as we have seen, if the issue is glandular rather than fatty deposits, there is the need to remove the breast disc. This extra surgery will have an impact on the cost of the procedure. Something else that can have an effect on the costs involved is the level of aftercare provided. The best private clinics will include aftercare and follow-ups as part of the initial fee. Where this is not the case, the additional cost of this needs factoring in so that you know the true cost of your surgery.

Gynaecomastia cost is also affected by the surgeon who performs the procedure. Of course, anyone who carries out this procedure needs to be suitably qualified and should also be registered. However, some surgeons are hugely more experienced than others and some are true specialists in their field. It should be expected that a specialist surgeon will come with an increased cost when compared to others. 

Why does man boob surgery cost more in London than the rest of the UK? 

It is possible then when you start to investigate male breast reduction cost, that you will notice regional variations in price. In many areas of life, people expect the cost of services and goods to be greater in London than they are in the north of the country. This is usually explained by the higher cost of living in the capital meaning that professionals need to be able to charge more to put them on par with others across the country. However, when it comes to man boob surgery cost the difference in price is not just about the usual regional variations.

Private clinics in London are fortunate to have world-class surgeons that operate there. These professionals have a wealth of experience and are true experts in their fields. Many of the UK’s leading surgeons choose to operate in London and the area is also attractive to those who relocate from overseas. This means that the very best surgeons are available at London clinics and this can attract a higher cost. The calibre of surgeons means that they work from state of the art facilities. These come with the highest standards of care and also have the latest developments in technology that allow for a range of treatments to be carried out. Many of these treatments are not available at clinics elsewhere. Having your male breast reduction surgery carried out by the best surgeons with the best facilities leads to fewer complications and overall better results.

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