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How much does fat transfer breast augmentation cost?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is often referred to as a natural boob job. This is because rather than using foreign objects such as silicone implants, you are using your own body fat to increase the volume of your boobs. 

While it is referred to as natural it is still an invasive procedure and involves the use of general anaesthetic with surgery taking between 1 and 3 hours. One appeal of this procedure is that it does not result in the scarring that can commonly be seen following breast augmentation. This is because rather than incisions being made to insert implants, the fat is instead injected into your breasts.

As this is still a relatively new procedure many women wonder about fat transfer breast augmentation cost and how it might compare to what is seen as a traditional boob job. As this is a highly specialised procedure it is important that any surgeon carrying this out is a specialist themselves. The skills required to carry out fat transfer breast augmentation are very different to those that are required to insert implants. The Cadogan Clinic is the leading fat transfer centre in the UK and has a team that has the expertise required.

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How much does breast fat transfer cost in the UK?

Breast fat transfer cost can vary and the best way to find out exactly what the procedure would cost you is to book a consultation with an expert. Whilst it is impossible to tell you how much the procedure would cost you as an individual we can say that prices start at £6,900. As it involves harvesting fat from other parts of your body, the cost can increase depending on how many areas the fat comes from. The fat is collected using liposuction and commonly it is taken from the waist, buttocks, or thighs. Depending on your body type it may not be possible to collect sufficient fat from one area.

Once the fat has been collected, a special machine is then used to ‘clean’ the fat. This ensures that any blood or other fluids are removed from it. Once this has been done the fat is ready to be transferred to your breasts. Unlike traditional breast augmentation, there is no need to make an incision on or around the breasts. Instead, the fat is inserted with an injection and this does away with common concerns around scarring. Having an understanding of the procedure can help people to understand breast fat transfer cost and why this can vary. 

Is breast fat transfer cost expensive?

When looking at traditional methods of breast augmentation, the costs associated with this range from £3,500 up to around £8,000. Of course, any surgeon that carries out breast augmentation with implants needs to be an expert as this is a specialist procedure. When it comes to breast fat transfer cost it is worth considering that this is a very different procedure and requires a different specialist to carry it out effectively. Using someone who is not suitably experienced can lead to the procedure needing to be repeated and this can increase the costs.

Another consideration with fat injection cost is that there are actually 2 separate procedures taking place to achieve the end result. The first stage of the process involves harvesting fat from other areas of your body via liposuction. The next stage involves the cleaning of the fat and it then being injected into the breasts. 

Does the average cost of fat transfer breast augmentation vary between providers? 

As fat transfer breast augmentation is classed as cosmetic surgery it is not available through the NHS. This means that you can only have this procedure through a private clinic and private clinics are able to set their own prices for this. This means that the average cost of fats transfer breast augmentation can vary between providers. Factors that may impact the cost are:

The Cadogan Clinic has a team that are experts in this specialised procedure. The surgery is carried out at state of the art facilities based in the heart of Chelsea. This award-winning private hospital is at the forefront of evolving technologies and procedures and is the go-to clinic for fat transfer breast augmentation.

Why should I avoid low-cost breast fat transfer providers?

When looking at fat injection cost it is important to remember that this is a complex procedure that requires a specialist in this field. The stages involved in the fat transfer to the breast are:

Given how involved this procedure is it is vital that at all stages it is done correctly and to the right standards. As is often the way in life a cheaper price doesn’t always represent value for money. When any stage goes wrong there is a significant chance that the fat tissue won’t ‘take’ or that the fat tissue will die. If this happens there will be a need to repeat the procedure and this will involve further costs. Only using a clinic that has specialists in this area will minimise the risk of needing further surgery and will give the very best results. As the leaders in fat transfer, Cadogan Clinic can be trusted to deliver the results that you are seeking. Add to this is the quality of care and aftercare provided to all of its patients and it becomes clear that cheaper is certainly not better. 

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