Does fat transfer to the breast really work?

Yes, it emphatically does. We use fat in two ways to enhance the breast at the Cadogan Clinic.

The first is to improve the shape, particularly after breast implantation (augmentation) to disguise visible edges. These can become visible in slim people across the top of the breast and in the cleavage.

Another common use is to use fat grafting for finishing touches of reconstruction after mastectomy

The second major use is simply to increase volume. It is, therefore, a natural alternative to implants. It works well for small increases. Larger ones will require multiple procedures to build up the volume. Older people after pregnancy often develop empty breasts with stretched skin and loss of volume. Fat grafted into the upper part of the breast will give back that pertness of youth.

Clearly, the fat has to come from somewhere and often we can put this to good use by recontouring and improving the silhouette, removing unwanted bulges from the hips, knees or elsewhere. The quality of fat for grafting is much the same all over.

Patients with small breasts are often athletic with enviable physiques already and therefore do not have a lot of fat to spare for grafting.
Breast augmentation using fat transfer can be an effective way of increasing the volume to the breasts. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that gives a natural look. Fat Transfer breast augmentations take fat from other areas of the body, such as from the hips, thighs, or stomach, and is injected into the breast. This procedure is a safer way than implants to enhance the breast because no artificial substances are used; it is completely natural. Also, by inserting one’s own body cells, the likelihood of allergic reactions or other negative body responses is much lower than with implants.

The degree of which the fat transfer works depends on the individual person. Some people may require more fat transfers than others to reach the desired look. This depends on how much of the fat will take. Some fat may dissolve, requiring more transfers. However, the bottom line is that regardless of how many transfers a person may need, fat transfers to the breast do work.

Breast augmentation using fat transfers are essentially a two-for-one deal. Not only does the person enhancement their breasts, they also shed fat in other areas of the body. Recipients of this procedure walk away feeling happy, healthy, and overall better about their physical appearances. It is a great long-term solution to both get rid of fat in stubborn areas and to also enhance the breasts. Our surgeons are the top in this field and give people the look they want!

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