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What is Chin Reduction Surgery?

Men and women alike are keen to create a look that is as good as possible. We are constantly bombarded with media images of what ‘perfection’ is and many of us are left wanting. While perfection may not always be a realistic goal, what is realistic is doing away with features that we are unhappy with.

 Expert surgeons are able to perform procedures that can bring happiness to those who are seeking changes. Where people are unhappy with facial features, there can be a great deal of distress caused. One area where a cosmetic surgeon can assist is with chin reduction. We are going to take a look at what chin reduction surgery is and if it is a suitable option for you. 

What is chin reduction?

Chin reduction surgery is a form of genioplasty that seeks to reduce the overall size of a prominent chin. It is a procedure that is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the complexity. The procedure itself sees:

Why have a chin reduction?

Chin reduction is for those who are looking to reduce the size of their chin. It may be that they have a condition known as macrogenia. This is where the chin is overly prominent and completely out of proportion with other facial features. This is an extreme instance of a large chin, but it can also be the case where the chin only slightly protrudes but this still affects the overall balance when it comes to the appearance of the face. 

The chin is an important feature of the face. When it is out of proportion it is immediately noticeable. It can also have an impact on how other facial features are seen. For example, a large protruding chin can make a nose look abnormally small. Chin reduction surgery obviously reduces the size of the chin, but it also has a positive impact on the face as a whole. 

Who is a good candidate for chin reduction?

When it comes to chin reduction surgery, it is not a procedure that is suitable for everyone. Some of the factors that are considered include:

These are points that can be discussed with chin reduction surgeons to ensure that you are a good match for the procedure. Like any other form of surgery, chin reduction carries certain risks and so any potential patients must be suitable. Where this isn’t the case, chin reduction surgeons will not be able to carry out the procedure and they will take the time to fully advise you why this is the case. They may be able to suggest alternative treatments or recommend changes that will allow the procedure to go ahead.

How long does it take to recover from chin reduction surgery?

Chin reduction surgery is an invasive procedure. This means that you should expect to take some time to recover and also expect it to take some time before you can see the full results. Although recovery times may vary between individuals, typically you can expect:

Bruising and swelling reduces significantly within the first 2 weeks and this is when you will probably first notice the changes that the surgery has achieved. The full effects will only be appreciated when the swelling has fully subsided and this could take several weeks. There are certain steps that you can take to aid your recovery such as:

How much does chin reduction surgery cost?

As is often the case with cosmetic procedures, the cost of chin reduction surgery can vary. It is reasonable to expect costs to range from £1,500 up to around £6,000. The surgery can cost more but this provides an average range. Factors that can affect the price include:

Of course, cost is always going to be a consideration when it comes to chin reduction surgery. It should, however, never be the sole factor used to make a decision. What matters most is that you see results that you are satisfied with and that you are in safe hands. 

How to choose the best surgeon for chin reduction 

When exploring chin reduction surgeons who can carry out your procedure, it is important to find an expert that you are comfortable with. This surgeon needs to be able to understand your desired outcome and be able to explain to you how this can be achieved or explain why it is not possible.

Beyond the technical skills required to carry out the procedure itself, chin reduction surgeons need to be able to look at your face as a whole and ensure a balanced appearance. At Cadogan Clinic, we are lucky to have some of the most experienced surgeons that there are. Booking a consultation will allow you to appreciate their level of expertise and to see how they can assist you. 

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