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What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a non-surgical procedure which is designed to make the upper lip appear fuller, without actually increasing the volume of the lips. The procedure has been gaining in popularity and has been the subject of much press interest over the last few months.

In this treatment, anti-ageing injectables are introduced to the muscles around the upper lip. This relaxes the muscles, making the upper lip turn upwards and outwards. This gives the illusion of a fuller upper lip. However the volume of the lip does not change, but what is there is just rearranged to create this illusion.

This treatment is an alternative to dermal fillers, which sees lips injected with hyaluronic acid, boosting the volume of the lips. Lip flips have been growing in popularity over recent months, with many now choosing this non-invasive procedure over the traditional dermal filler injections.

The reasons why someone may choose to undergo a lip flip may include the desire to achieve a less ‘gummy’ smile or to prevent a thin top lip from disappearing when smiling. However, it is probably a treatment to think twice about if you have small teeth, as a flipped lip on occasion can cover small teeth completely when smiling or speaking.

The lip flip procedure itself is very quick, taking as little as 10 to 20 minutes to complete. The treatment is painless, so no anaesthetic is required.

So what is a lip flip procedure? In this treatment, a small amount of injectable is introduced in the three lip flip injection points - the middle of the upper lip (the Cupid’s bow) and into the corners of the mouth.

The injectable relaxes the muscles around the border of the lip, causing the part of the upper lip which is inside the mouth to ‘flip’ outwards, hence the name ‘lip flip’. This creates the illusion of a fuller upper lip, without increasing the size of the lip itself.

There is no downtime associated with a lip flip and after treatment is completed, you will be free to leave the clinic and carry on with your day-to-day activities should you wish. There may be a slight numbness, redness, bruising or even a small amount of swelling at the injection sites following a lip flip procedure, but this will be minimal. You can help the healing process by sleeping on your back in the days after the procedure to avoid pressure on the lip and refrain from massaging or rubbing your lips, particularly around the lip flip injection points, to ensure the injectable doesn’t spread to a wider area. 

You should start to notice the early results within a few days. You should be able to see the final results of your lip flip between 10 and 14 days after the treatment. A lip flip will leave you with a beautiful natural-looking pout, without the lips looking ‘over-stuffed' or false. Part of the reason behind the growing popularity of the lip flip is that it produces a subtle, but effective, result.

However a lip flip is not a permanent treatment and the effects of the injections only last for eight to 12 weeks, depending on the individual patient. This is because only a small amount of injectable is introduced into the lip flip injection points. If you are looking for a more permanent or long-lasting solution, a lip lift or dermal filler injections may be better options to help you achieve your goal. Of course, you may choose to have further injectables added to the lip flip injection points around the upper lip in order to maintain the result of your lip flip.

Lip flips are considered to be a very safe procedure, and the risk of side effects is low as only a small amount of injectable is introduced into the body. However, there is still the potential for complications, particularly if you choose to have this treatment with an inexperienced or underqualified practitioner. If too much injectable is introduced to the lip, this can cause the muscles to relax too much, leaving the patient unable to close their mouth properly. This may result in drooling, a drooping of one side of the mouth, difficulty drinking, difficulty forming words and affect the patient’s ability to whistle and spit, which can make activities like teeth brushing difficult. Here at the Cadogan Clinic, our practitioners are experts in their field, trained to the highest level and highly experienced at administering injectables, so these risks are low. It is vital that anyone undergoing any non-surgical or surgical aesthetic procedure should only go to a reputable practitioner.

In rare cases, the injectables used in lip flip treatment can cause headaches, fever and chills. Botulism is an extremely rare, but potentially very dangerous, side effect of injectables. 

When you have your initial consultation here at the Cadogan Clinic, our expert will be able to talk through any potential risks, complications and side effects with you before you decide to embark on your lip flip treatment.

A lip flip is a quick and affordable alternative to dermal lip fillers. For patients who want to increase their lip volume, dermal fillers remain the safest and most reliable way to achieve this goal. Lip fillers are also the most reliable method to treat other lip issues including improving overall lip shape and symmetry and addressing the appearance of severe vertical lip lines.

Compared to a lip flip, dermal filler injections provide a long-lasting lip enhancement, with results lasting as long as six to 12 months before the procedure needs to be repeated. 

But a lip flip is a safe and speedy way to address any concerns surrounding the appearance of the upper lip. If a patient is not happy with the result, the treatment will wear off in a relatively short space of time, restoring the upper lip to its natural state.

Our consultant will be happy to go over the available options with you to decide which procedure will be best to help you achieve your desired result.

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