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Aquagold Facial Treatment

It has long been the desire of many women, and men, to reverse the ageing process. As we age some changes are unavoidable. Our appearance is affected by the fact that our skin loses its elasticity. This can lead to sagging skin as well as the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines. There is a whole range of cosmetic procedures that can target these signs of ageing. One of the newest such treatments is Aquagold. 

Aquagold treatment is available through specialist, private, clinics. The results of an Aquagold facial can provide a real boost to men and women who have been keen to slow down the effects of ageing. With Aquagold being a relatively new treatment in the UK, it is possible that you have not come across this as yet. Here, we are going to take a look at exactly what the treatment involves and just how it could benefit you. 

What is Aquagold?

An Aquagold facial treatment is used to nourish your skin. By using 24-carat gold screw thread and fine needles, Aquagold delivers ingredients that are tailored to the individual. Some of the ingredients included are:

Each Aquagold treatment is unique to the individual and a cocktail of ingredients is put together to achieve the desired outcome. This cocktail is delivered to the areas being treated by a device that gently presses against the skin. The presence of hair-thin needles means that this device delivers the ingredients into the skin through 1,000s of micro-infusion sites. This is similar to how other needle treatments work but with one key difference. Other treatments create the same minuscule holes, but before any serums are added they have already begun to heal. Aquagold treatment delivers effective ingredients at the same time that these holes are made. 

What conditions can Aquagold treat?

Aquagold treatment is a suitable procedure for a whole host of skin conditions. The popularity of the treatment is partly down to how many issues can be treated and how little recovery time is needed. How the treatment works means that it is suitable to be repeated every 4 weeks. Some of the conditions that Aquagold treatment is suitable for include:

The effectiveness of Aquagold means that as well as being part of a regular skin regime, it can also be used before specific social events. It can give quick results that give the skin a brighter appearance before attending the likes of weddings or dinner parties where you are wanting to look your very best. It is extremely effective when used to target crows feet as well as skin dryness. 

Who is Aquagold treatment suitable for?

Aquagold treatment is extremely safe with very few reported side effects. It is common for there to be reddening to the skin after it has been used. The extent of this redness depends upon how sensitive your skin is. In any case, this tends to fade in anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour. As soon as the redness is gone, the results of Aquagold can be seen instantly. This makes it a popular treatment for those who want to see fast results when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as those who want an overall healthier appearance to their skin. 

As with any cosmetic procedures, there are times when Aquagold treatment is not suitable. These include:

In any of these cases, there is nothing to stop patients from seeking the treatment at a later date when other issues have been resolved (or following giving birth/ending breastfeeding).

What areas of the body can benefit from Aquagold

It is common for people to benefit from an Aquagold facial, but this treatment can be used on other areas of the body too. The most common parts of the body to benefit from Aquagold treatment include:

Whereas it's common for people to use Aquagold to boost the appearance of their face, the back of the hands is an area that is also extremely popular. As we start to age the skin loses elasticity. The skin on the back of our hands is already extremely thin and delicate. As the elasticity reduces, wrinkles can begin to appear often making hands look much older than a person actually is. Aquagold can be a great solution to this problem. 

How much does Aquagold treatment cost?

When considering the cost of Aquagold, it is worth looking at what exactly the treatment is. The use of needles makes it sound like it is a form of micro-needling, but this is not the case. Aquagold treatment is unique and is known as micro channelling. It sees the skin being treated evenly. The process used means that it is even suitable for those who have sensitive skin. When it comes to sensitivity, the fact that he can be used on areas such as eyelids and lips shows just how gentle it is.

As a very rough estimate, patients can expect to pay around £600 for Aquagold treatment. To find out the exact cost would require a consultation with an expert. Factors that could affect the price include the number of areas to be treated as well as the cocktail that is used. There are pre-made Aquagold cocktails that can be of great benefit or your surgeon can tailor make one that is suitable for your needs. In terms of recovery times, the advice is not to wear makeup until the following day and to avoid washing for 8 hours after the treatment. This makes it a treatment that is highly effective with practically no downtime. 

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