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Nisa Patel


"I thank God every day for finding the Cadogan Clinic. I never knew that this change was possible I am forever grateful to my surgeon and I really and truly hope that he can change other people's lives like he has changed mine."

Since the age of 21, 46 year old Nisa Patel had lacked self-confidence and esteem. A car crash had left her with two, deep, permanent scars on the right hand side of her face. Every time Nisa looked in the mirror she relived the nightmare of that night she lost control of her car and fell into depression about the way she looked. She constantly worried about what other people would think.

After the accident when Nisa left the house, people would stare in shock and horror at her wounds, making her feel more self-conscious and insecure every time people looked at her face. To the extent she wanted to completely cover her face so they wouldn't stare at her . As the wounds healed they left permanent scars on her face and this lead to Nisa's insecurity about leaving the house. This resorted her to wearing thick, camouflage makeup to hide the imperfections, and disliked pictures to be taken of her – she lived this way for 25 years.

When I turned 45 I decided it was time to address my insecurities. I looked into liposuction in the first instance to give me a more streamline figure and booked in at the Cadogan Clinic, run by the amazing doctors, Bryan and Susan Mayou. After the surgery I was so pleased with the result of the liposuction so during my recovery I started to research my surgeon Mr Oliver Amar more. To my surprise I discovered he specialize in facial surgery - this was a God send for me. My husband Raj and I spoke to Mr Amar about his experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation and how he could help reduce the scars and signs of ageing on my face. Mr Amar recommended a Stem Cell Rejuvenation technique, which includes taking fat from the body containing rejuvenating stem cells, and placing them into damaged tissue to repair the scar, and placing the cells inside the facial muscles which gives volume to reduce the signs of ageing.

After 7 weeks, I has noted a 70% reduction in my scars, which will continue to reduce over 2 years, and is thrilled with the natural beautiful youthful look Mr Amar has given me. My sudden boost of confidence, empowerment and belief in myself has completely changed my life for the better, and I has been given another chance to relive my youth with my husband and children. Thanks to the Mr Olivier Amar and the Cadogan Clinic. I now can't stop taking pictures with family and friends.

Nisa Patel

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