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How much does a thigh lift cost?

People consider a thigh lift for a number of reasons. It could be that genetics have played a part and left them with thighs that they are uncomfortable with. Perhaps they have experienced drastic weight loss in an attempt to improve their health and have then found themselves with excess sagging skin. Or maybe the ageing process, that comes to us all, has led to the thighs losing their firmness and becoming flabby. Regardless of the reason, a thigh lift could be the potential answer to achieving the look that you desire. As this becomes a serious option for people there is then a need to consider thigh lift cost UK.

While thigh fat removal surgery cost remains an important factor, for many the thought of having their issues resolved brings them welcome relief. It is common for many to have spent months or years avoiding wearing certain clothing just as shorts or swimwear as they were self-conscious of the appearance of their thighs. The results that can be achieved by using a specialist surgeon can be nothing short of life-changing in terms of how it makes you look and, just as importantly, how it makes you feel.

How much does a thigh lift cost in the UK?

Leg lift surgery cost UK can vary depending upon the quality and experience of the surgeon used. The Cadogan Clinic has the expertise to deliver outstanding results with minimal scarring and the cost of a thigh lift here is £7,200. Many private clinics that offer this form of cosmetic surgery will offer flexible payment terms and credit options. This makes the procedure accessible for all rather than being just for the select few. By opting for the best surgeons available for this procedure you are assured to get the results that you want.

Substandard services may advertise a lower thigh lift cost UK, but you need to be sure that you know what you are getting in return for your money. It is not uncommon for patients to have to visit another private clinic to rectify mistakes made at the first. With thigh lifts, an inexperienced surgeon may fail to plan appropriately. This can result in a patient being left with legs that are not equal in size. There have been cases where skin has actually had to be put back through skin grafts in order to get the symmetry that should have been achieved in the first place. 

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Is thigh fat removal surgery cost expensive?

When looking at thigh fat removal surgery cost, deciding on whether or not the procedure is expensive is purely subjective. For the majority of patients, the results that are achieved ensure that the surgery was worth every penny. Aside from the physical improvements, it is worth bearing in mind that people have often suffered emotionally and psychologically long before they have the surgery. The results that they see lift a weight from their shoulders and leave them mentally relieved as well as having physical improvements.

When considering if the surgery is expensive, it is also worth looking at what the procedure involves and the level of care that is provided to patients. A thigh lift takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and patients are under general anaesthetic while it takes place. Incisions are made allowing excess skin to be removed and for the thigh to be reshaped. The best surgeons will ensure that the incision marks lead to the least scarring possible and will also make sure that they are in places that are not generally visible. Following the procedure, you will be 24/7 access to a team of nurses and also attend a follow-up appointment one week later. A plan will also be devised to help minimise the time it takes for scars to heal. 

Do inner thigh lift surgery costs vary from outer thigh lift costs?

Inner thigh lift surgery cost UK covers the procedure involved in addressing issues just around the inner thigh area. Some people require attention to their outer thighs too. Surgery to the inner thigh is the most common form of this cosmetic surgery. It sees an incision being made from the groin and down in the direction of the knee or to the back of the inner thigh area. This will target any sagging skin around the inner thigh. Outer thigh surgery focuses on the outside portions of the thighs. This involves an incision being made from the groin area going towards the hip or lower back. 

Rather than the question of the inner or outer thigh being a determining factor for price, what may have an impact on the cost is the complexity of work required. There may be a need for the inner and outer areas to be treated and there may also be a need to combine the surgery with liposuction

Does thigh liposuction cost more?

As part of your consultation, your surgeon will cover the thigh lift procedure with you and will also make sure that they are fully aware of your expectations. If they believe that thigh liposuction will complement the results of a thigh lift they will inform you of this and let you know what the realistic outcome is likely to be. Thigh liposuction cost UK isn’t included in the initial cost of thigh lift surgery and so would be an additional expense. 

The exact cost of thigh liposuction can vary based on the number of areas that are to be targeted but you can expect the price to start from £3,950. Having liposuction alongside a thigh lift gives a more complete finish to your legs. It sees any excess fat being removed and the shape of your thigh is streamlined. For many patients, combining these two procedures can lead to dramatic results. It is common for those who have had these treatments to report that they regain their body confidence and this has a positive impact on all areas of their lives. 

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