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Mila Lachowska is an aesthetic therapist with over four years’ experience, working and training with some of the industry’s leading experts.

Mila has a Masters in Cosmetology, with a specialism in anti-ageing Cosmetology. She is enthusiastic about building close relationships with patients and likes to offer long term treatment programmes. She brings with her a combination of expertise and enthusiasm and is trained and able to carry out a wide range of treatments.

With a deep knowledge of skin physiology, anatomy and cosmetic science, Mila tailors her treatments to deliver the very best results for her patients. Her extensive training combined with her in-depth understanding of facial anatomy allows her to deliver bespoke treatments that enhance, refresh and refine.

Mila structures bespoke facial treatments around specific skin concerns and addresses skincare regimes to ensure the results last far beyond the treatment.

Mila’s specialisms include laser hair removalchemical peelsmicro-needling (Dermapen) and lymphatic drainage.

Specialist Treatments

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I enjoy being physically active and dance three times a week. I have the same level of enthusiasm for doing these activities as I do with my clients. I also enjoy learning new treatments and regularly attend courses to develop my skill base further.

Mila Lachowska

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