Surgical After Care Programme

The Cadogan Clinic Surgical Aftercare Programme has been developed to optimise patient well-being, recovery and scar management. It's the first of its kind in the UK and aims to deliver improved outcomes following surgery.

A collaborative approach is taken between the surgeon and our aesthetic and dermatology teams, creating a treatment programme tailored to the needs of each individual case with a strong focus on scar management and healing.

All treatments are conveniently available at the Cadogan Clinic, and a consultation and treatment session is offered to Cadogan surgical patients at no extra cost.

As patient needs differ, a bespoke Surgical Aftercare programme will be discussed and agreed in detail with the patient, surgeon and patient advisor before surgery is delivered. It can include any combination of the following:

  • ICON laser treatment: Following the removal of the stitches to promote healing of the scar and help reduce the visibility from 6 weeks' post-surgery
  • LED light sessions: To encourage overall healing of the skin and circulation. This is performed 2 weeks following the surgery
  • Lymphatic massage: To assist recovery from surgery and decrease swelling and inflammation; carried out 2 weeks' post-surgery
  • PRP Express: using the patient's own healing plasma (derived from the patient's blood) to help skin recover from the inside out post-surgery. This can be administered before the patient wakes up from surgery or in the weeks that follow and the patient can have the treatments more than once to promote faster healing on the face
  • Accent radio-frequency: To promote elasticity, tighten and improve skin texture, offered 2 weeks following surgery
  • ICON Max G: To help clear sun damage, wrinkles, small blood vessels and pigmentation
  • Micro-needling: To promote collagen production and also help products be absorbed into the skin more effectively

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