How do I rest/sleep after my surgery?

Here is some standard advice for patients post breast surgery. You are looking for comfortable options. It is highly unlikely that you will damage the result of your surgery by squashing on your breasts by lying on them. I have never seen this in 30 years. We do advise wearing a sports bra or equivalent over whatever dressing (it may be minimal) your surgeon prefers. This will adequately maintain the implant position. Pain is an indication that you should stop whatever you are doing to cause it.

If you are a natural stomach sleeper you may have difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position after your breast surgery. You will want to avoid lying on your stomach for at least a few weeks post-operation, as pressure on the surgical area is uncomfortable. Sleep slightly elevated on your back during the first 2 weeks following your surgery to help to reduce swelling.

You may find it useful to keep a pillow against one or both of your sides to tuck you into place. The pillows will help keep you from rolling in your sleep and unintentionally causing yourself more discomfort.

You should avoid exercise and sensibly you will be able to gauge when you are stressing the breasts. After a few days, you should be able to travel without impediment.

Now, this is important. Do not cuddle a hot water bottle as comfort against the breasts. The newly stretched skin is numb and it is easy to burn the skin. You do not want a skin graft marring an otherwise beautiful result.

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