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What are the options to get firmer breasts?

The best option to obtain firmer breasts is breast lift surgery, also known as breast uplift or mastopexy. This surgical procedure is designed to lift and/or reshape breasts that hang low over the chest and have the majority of their volume at the base.

This procedure is highly effective at restoring breast firmness, giving them a more voluminous appearance. Our expert team of surgeons here at the Cadogan Clinic will be more than happy to talk to discuss this procedure with you.

Why does exercise not help get firmer breasts?

Since breasts do not have muscle, it is impossible to firm up breast tissue with exercise once it has started to sag.  Exercises that focus on the pectorals, back, and shoulder muscles - such as modified push ups, chest press extensions and arm circles - can help to firm and tone the chest muscles behind the breast tissue which can improve the overall appearance of your chest.

However this will not produce immediate results and any results may be modest.

There is no evidence that supplements, herbs, creams and massages which claim to firm the breasts actually work.

How important are perky boobs?

Our society associates perky breasts with youth and femininity. However a woman of 40 may have perky breasts due to factors such as genetics while a 20 year old may not have naturally perky breasts.

Both are perfectly normal. However ageing is a major factor in breast sagging, so the older a woman is, the more likely it is that her breasts are not as perky as a younger womans.

Concerns about breast shape, size and fullness can be a major source of anxiety for some women, having an adverse impact on self-esteem.

How to get perkier breasts

The quickest and most effective way to perkier breasts is breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery restores the elasticity of the female breast tissue by removing excess sagging tissue in the breast, and reshaping and repositioning the breast mound and nipple. The blood supply is preserved at all times.

A slight 'over-correction' is typically performed by Cadogan Clinic surgeons in order to anticipate the breasts dropping into a more natural position as the post-surgery swelling subsides.

The overall effect created by breast lift surgery is a more ''pert'' and rejuvenated looking breast which falls naturally and proportionally in relation to the rest of the chest.

This invasive procedure can take between one-and-a-half and two hours to perform.

As part of a patient’s quest for perkier, youthful breasts, one of our surgeons may recommend a breast enlargement or reduction to be performed alongside the breast lift. This would be discussed with a patient at their initial consultation at the Cadogan Clinic.

Can you get perkier boobs without surgery?

It is not really possible to get perkier breasts without surgery. Exercises which work the pectoral muscles behind the breasts can make them appear lifted as the muscle builds. However this can take time and the results may not be as noticeable as desired.

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