How should I prepare for an areola or nipple correction surgery?

During your consultation, you can expect your surgeon to examine your breasts, go over your surgical options and ask you for a complete medical history and current list of medications. Your surgeon will listen to your aesthetic concerns and explain the procedure to you. They will give you an idea of what your areolas and nipples will look like after the surgery.

Your experienced Cadogan Clinic surgeon will give you pre-operative advice at your initial consultation and this may include stopping smoking and taking certain medications such as aspirin which will delay your healing.

Many of these procedures can be easily accomplished under local anaesthesia. For the larger procedures or for preference you may decide to have our gentle form of anaesthesia, TIVA (Total Intravenous anaesthesia) in this case, you’ll be asked to arrange a ride to and from the procedure, as you’ll be unable to drive after surgery. You will need to fast for 4 hours, although sips of water are permissible for up to 2 hours before surgery. It’s also best to come to surgery without any make-up or cosmetics, without wearing any jewellery and in comfortable, loose fitting clothes. 

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