What happens when I have a Neck Lift treatment at Cadogan Clinic?

You need to be assessed to know whether a non-surgical treatment might help. Botox for the stringy lines and laser for simple tightening. Surgically there are 2 main options, depending on the problem.

Cadogan Clinic Swan Neck Procedure is perfect surgery, often carried out under Local Anaesthesia, for the Turkey Neck. It has several components, not all of which may be necessary. Excess skin is removed restoring the sharp angle between the jaw and the neck. Fat is removed by liposuction and the platysma muscle causing the stringy lines is reconfigured. 

Dressings are minimal and do not necessarily restrict daily life. There is little pain. Occasionally patients take paracetamol. Sutures are removed a week later and then we commence the Cadogan scar care programme. The scars are rarely an issue, as they are not easily seen under the chin.

The standard neck lift, which is a modified facelift, is more likely to be carried under the general anaesthesia technique called TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia), our preferred anaesthetic technique. If you have had this procedure, you will need a dressing change the following day.T his is appropriate when the jawline also need tackling as well as the neck. It will not help the Turkey Neck.

There is a little bruising, which settles over 10 days and all stitches, which are well hidden, are removed by 2 weeks.

Working from home will be possible within 2 days of surgery. Depending on how comfortable you are with the bruising and the recovery, you can decide to return to work after several days of rest.

The best way to find out what your exact procedure will involve, will be through booking a consultation with our expert surgeons at the Cadogan Clinic.


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