Do I need downtime after a Neck Lift procedure?

All our Neck Lift procedures are designed to have minimal downtime. Importantly pain is minimal. Early exercise will increase swelling and slow recovery time, but normal everyday activities, and computer work should not be significantly affected. The biggest issue will be the visibility of bruising, stitches and dressings. Some people will be more sensitive about these than others. If you have had a general anaesthetic, then you will need to have a sensible person with you overnight. A little help with some physical activities around the home would be useful for a few days.

Any liposuction incisions may or may not be sutured, but other stitches are generally removed a week after surgery. If they are visible, as with the Cadogan Clinic Swan Neck procedure, then we cover them with camouflaging tape. If you add a scarf, then there is virtually no visibility.

Bruising from liposuction is surprisingly slight in this area, and normal activities can be resumed within a day or two. Men do occasionally have a little more, bruising because of the increased blood supply to the beard.

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