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Medically Reviewed April 2023, by Mr. Bryan Mayou (GMC: 1414396) - founder of the Cadogan Clinic and one of the world's leading plastic surgeons

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the five most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK, accounting for roughly 10% of all cosmetic procedures in 2021 alone.

Liposuction involves the removal of unwanted or stubborn areas of fat from specific areas of the body that do not respond to either a healthy diet or exercise.

Liposuction is a highly efficient solution in a variety of areas of the body, leaving a more defined shape and more balanced proportions. These include the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, chin, upper arms, breasts and knees.

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We offer the most effective liposuction techniques, all of which are suitable for both men and women: traditional liposuction, Body Jet liposuction and laser liposuction.

Liposuction, or 'lipo', was brought to the UK 30 years ago by our founder, world renowned plastic surgeon Mr Bryan Mayou.

Since founding the Cadogan Clinic, Mr Mayou has assembled a world-class team of surgeons at our clinic in Chelsea, and overseen their development as specialist surgeons in this procedure. Consequently, we treat more liposuction patients than any other clinic in London and have perfected a technique that ensures excellent results via a minimally invasive procedure.

After carrying out extensive research into other techniques, the clinic has abandoned Vaser or Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, as we consider it to offer no advantage and add unnecessary complications.

At a glance

Surgery Time

1 - 1.5 hours

Time off work

1 - 2 weeks

Hospital Stay

Day Case


After 1 week

Reasonable Mobility

After 1 day


After 4 -6 weeks

Bras & Garments

6 weeks

Sexual Activity

4- 6 weeks

Sleeping on back

1 -2 weeks

Full Recovery

4 - 6 weeks


1 week


1 Day

Before and After Liposuction

Why do people have it?

For many people, both male and female, their size and shape can cause unhappiness and insecurity, particularly if they are not responding to a healthy diet or exercise.

Liposuction is a short and highly effective procedure to achieve these changes and can deliver both an improved physical and psychological sense of wellbeing.

Who is suitable?

Why do people have it & Who is suittable

For many people, both male and female, their size and shape can cause unhappiness and insecurity, particularly if they are not responding to a healthy diet or exercise.

Liposuction is a short and highly effective procedure to achieve these changes and can deliver both an improved physical and psychological sense of wellbeing.

Cadogan Clinic considers individuals fit for the procedure, if all of the following are true of them:

  • Physically and psychologically fit and healthy
  • Bothered by their size or shape
  • Have realistic expectations of what can be achieved by surgery

Words from our clients:

The cost of Liposuction

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What are the options?

We are world leaders in the field of liposuction, so we only offer the most up-to-date and effective techniques available.

Traditional lipo sees a tube inserted into the treatment area before the fat cells are sucked out. This method is typically used to remove small areas of fat under local (or general) anesthesia, for example from the neck or chin. Traditional lipo is highly effective and is the most straightforward procedure with the least potential for complications. 

This is also the technique we use to extract fat to use in fat grafting procedures.

Microliposuction is a minimally invasive technique, performed under a local anesthetic, which requires very little downtime. The procedure gets its name from the size of the tiny cannulas which are used to extract the fat in micro lipo. These are 0.9mm-2.3mm thick, compared to the industry average of 6-8mm thick cannulas.

This popular method works well on areas including the chin, underarms and jawline.

This type of liposuction uses lasers to heat the fat in the treatment area, softening it and making it easier to remove via liposuction.  All liposuction results in a tightening of the skin, but the laser enhances this as laser treatments can promote collagen production in the skin. This tightening is particularly noticeable in areas such as the inner thighs and arms, where the skin is thin.

Laser assisted liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure and results in minimal swelling and bruising.

This is a mechanically-enhanced form of liposuction. MicroAire and Lipomatic motorised cannulas move back and forth, sideways and rotate to remove the fat. This method is popular as it is less labour-intensive for surgeons but also produces some impressive results. The vibration allows the surgeon to remove tough fat more easily and quickly. In fact a recent study has shown that PAL removes 30 percent more fat than with manual liposuction. This method also results in less bruising and a shorter recovery time than other lipo techniques.

PAL is ideal for patients who have a large amount of fat to be removed or those who have undergone liposuction previously.

Also referred to as BodyJet liposuction, water lipo delivers all that the original procedure does but it is particularly effective at targeting the most stubborn areas of fat, such as in the breast. Large areas of fat can be removed quickly and efficiently. The surgeon has the ability to inject local anaesthetic fluid at the same time as carrying out the liposuction. 

Cellulaze is a sophisticated laser treatment that targets the underlying cellulite tissue and fat and simultaneously tightens the overlying skin.

Please note that we do not use ultrasound techniques, such as Vaser, here at the Cadogan Clinic as we consider that it has no advantage and adds unnecessary complications.

Common Liposuction Treatment Areas

Liposuction for Women

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical aesthetic procedures for women.

Liposuction is an excellent way of shifting stubborn fat which cannot be lost through diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is particularly effective on the following areas of a woman’s body:

  • Abdomen: The upper and lower portions of the stomach can be treated separately. Lipo is an excellent way of tackling a ‘muffin top’ in the lower part of the abdomen. The area between the tummy button and ribs is also a prime location for stubborn fat to accumulate in the upper region of the stomach.
  • Face: The problems of cheek, chin and neck fat can all be tackled with liposuction. Lipo can be combined with other face or neck treatments for an enhanced result.
  • Hips and waist: For women who desire a traditional ‘hourglass’ shape, liposuction to sculpt the hips is an excellent way to achieve this. Lipo on the waist tackles the problem of ‘love handles’, which are notoriously difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone.
  • Thighs: Thigh liposuction is used to eliminate ‘saddlebags’, fat stored on the outer thigh, create a ‘thigh gap’ by sculpting the inner thighs and contour the back of the thighs, which will improve definition of the buttocks.
  • Knees: Knee liposuction removes stubborn fat which has accumulated in the inner knee. This is often combined with thigh liposuction to enhance the overall appearance.
  • Back: Excess fat which spills out from around the bra straps is a common problem, but easily treated with liposuction.
  • Buttocks: Although larger buttocks are considered to be desirable thanks to curvaceous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, buttock liposuction remains a popular treatment. Buttock lipo will help to bring the buttocks back into proportion with the rest of the body and reduce the appearance of dimpling.
  • Arms: ‘Bingo wings’, loose fat in the upper arms, is a common complaint among women, even if they are not overweight. By tightening and smoothing the area, liposuction can restore a more youthful appearance to the arms.

Liposuction for Men

Although liposuction is a popular treatment for women, it is also the fifth most popular cosmetic surgery treatment for men too. 

But men have distinctly different issues with fatty deposits, which women do not have. Popular lipo treatment areas for men include:

  • Face: Fatty deposits in the chin and neck are often an issue for men. The simpler and more precise the liposuction technique is, the better, as the skin is relatively thin and because of the beard, is not quite as elastic as in a woman.
  • Abdomen: A bulging abdomen can be due to fat within the abdominal cavity or fat beneath the skin. It is the fat beneath the skin which can be treated by stomach liposuction.
  • Flanks: The loins or flanks are another male problem and can spill out over the waistband of trousers. Lipo is highly effective at tackling this, but older patients may find that loose skin may be left behind.
  • Breast reduction: Male breast reduction is the most popular liposuction procedure for men that we carry out here at Cadogan Clinic. Sometimes this is combined with direct excision of the firm breast disc, which is situated immediately behind the nipple, for an enhanced result.

Liposuction Surgeons

We have invited a selection of the country's very best consultants to join us at the Cadogan Clinic so that you can be sure that whatever the nature of your treatment, you will be seeing one of the top practitioners in the country.

What to expect

Below you will find some key information to help you prepare for surgery and make necessary arrangements to ensure you have the support you need and that everything runs smoothly on the day.

The first step for all of our patients is to meet with the surgeon we feel is best placed to perform your procedure for a consultation.

At the consultation you will be able to discuss with your surgeon what your hope to achieve from the procedure, as well as discuss in detail what may or may not be possible given your existing shape and skin and fat levels.

Having established how much fat will be removed, several key measurements will be made and standard clinical photography will be taken.

Finally a comprehensive discussion regarding risks and complications will take place, alongside a discussion regarding the post procedure and recovery phase. Your previous medical history will also be recorded (including previous surgery, medications, allergies etc.) and an assessment of your fitness for surgery.

If your surgeon feels you are a good candidate for surgery, you are then invited to consider whether you would like to proceed for surgery or otherwise following a two week 'cooling off' period.

Within this period you are welcome to come in and discuss your potential surgery with your surgeon as many times as you like.

If you choose to proceed with surgery, the next time you come into the Clinic after your final consultation will be the day of your procedure.

Before admission the following behavioural changes are recommended / required:

  • In the 6 weeks before your procedure we recommend smoking is discontinued as patients who smoke have a higher risk of healing more slowly and complications
  • In the week before your procedure you must cease taking Aspirin or any medication that contains Aspirin
  • In the 6 hours prior to surgery you must not consume food or any drink, other than small sips of clear fluid (e.g. still water, black coffee, black tea) which are allowed up to 2 hours before admission)

On the day of your procedure we ask that you arrive for your admission an hour before the agreed start time of surgery. At this point a nurse will come and record blood pressure and other relevant vitals, you will meet with your anaesthetist and your surgeon who will make the final mark-ups.

The procedure itself is straightforward and takes place under general anaesthetic over the course of between one and three hours. The surgery involves the placement of a cannula into the area of the body where the fat is to be removed. The tube is moved back and forward to break the fat down, and high pressure suction is then used to remove the loosened fat cells out of the body. The incision sites are very small (several mms) due to the fineness of the cannula, and scarring will be very minimal.

Following the procedure, you will recover in our ambulatory recovery rooms for between two to three hours, dependent on the scale of the procedure. Once our specialist nursing team are happy that your initial recovery is complete and you are safe to return home, you will be allowed to leave the Clinic accompanied by a friend or member of your family.

Once home you will have access to our dedicated on-call nursing team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team of specialists are dedicated to your comfort and pain control and are there to field any questions you may have in the immediate post-operative phase.

Liposuction recovery is relatively quick and any residual pain should subside in a matter of days. We advise total rest for several days after treatment, as well as strict adherence to the wearing of a compression garment to support healing and comfort levels, as well as the redistribution of the remaining fat cells in the area affected. We recommend at least 1 week off work to allow adequately for this process. We also recommend avoiding UV light for 2 -4 weeks to aid the scarring process.

We ask that you come in and see our nursing team 1 week after surgery to ensure your incision sites have been properly reviewed. At this juncture, we also recommend you meet with one of our on-site aestheticians to discuss ongoing treatment to support the healing and scarring process, in particular massaging of the treated areas.

We ask that you come in to see your surgeon after 6 weeks for a post-procedure for a final check-up.

The Patient Journey. A breakdown of what you can expect on your journey with us

We are deeply invested in ensuring that every step of your surgical journey with us is as informative and reassuring to you as it can be. This article outlines what you can expect at each stage of the journey

The Patient Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Liposuction, also known as lipo, is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove stubborn fat deposits. 

The fat cells are broken up by way of vibrations or high pressure water jet and an incision is made for a cannula. Sometimes more incisions are needed if a large area is being treated. A vacuum machine is used to loosen and suck out the fat. Any excess blood and fluid is drained away before the treatment area is stitched up and bandaged.

After liposuction, patients are given a compression garment to wear for several weeks to help with the swelling and bruising.

For the right patient and with the correct planning, a tummy tuck and liposuction can be carried out simultaneously. Liposuction is used for fat removal, but on occasion, loose, excess skin can be left behind. During a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, a surgeon will remove this extra skin, leading to a tighter, flatter stomach.  A tummy tuck can also help with other problems, such as stretch marks, weak stomach muscles and uneven fat distribution. 

Abdominoplasty is a highly effective procedure which can achieve immediate results with very little downtime.

The Cadogan Clinic was founded by Mr Bryan Mayou, the surgeon responsible for introducing liposuction into the UK more than 40 years ago.

We now have the country's leading team of liposuction experts working here at the Clinic, and more experience than anyone else in the various techniques available. We perform more liposuction surgeries than any other private clinic in the UK.

We carefully evaluate all available liposuction techniques and are able to offer different kinds, depending on your specific condition and needs. We currently offer Lipomatic, MicroAir, BodyJet and MicroLiposuction techniques. We also offer SmartLipoMPX, which is liposuction done via ultrasound.

Liposuction provides a quick, safe and effective solution for permanent removal of unwanted excess fat deposits from the body. When you lose weight, by diet or exercise, all your fat cells shrink in size, but they do not disappear. Liposuction is perfect for exercise-resistant fat deposits in areas like under the chin, in the cheeks, saddlebags, ankles, and others.

The fat cells themselves are removed by liposuction and are therefore not available to become enlarged again under any circumstances. Even if you put on a lot of weight the new relative shape remains. This procedure makes your clothes fit better, gives you a more ideal shape, and uses small incisions that will not leave major scarring.

The amount of weight you lose is directly proportional to the amount of fat removed from your body. This means if you have a single procedure removing five pounds of fat, your weight will be down by five pounds.

The liposuction operation targets a specific area of the body, but if you are looking for significant reshaping in multiple areas on your body, you can address multiple problem areas during one larger procedure.

Liposuction is a predictable and low-risk solution for fat removal. At the Cadogan Clinic, the procedure can be done under general or local anaesthesia, and as a result, puts your body under relatively little stress. It’s done as a day case procedure and you’re able to go home afterwards to rest.

You should be aware that liposuction is not an effective solution to cellulite or obesity. If you need treatment for cellulite you should discuss combining procedures with your expert surgeon. Consult with your surgeon if you are looking for major weight loss. Liposuction may be part of a long-term treatment plan.

Make sure you follow all directions provided to you by your surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic to ensure you see the best results. These may be as simple as wearing your specialized compression garment, staying hydrated, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Liposuction recovery is relatively swift due to the relatively straightforward nature of the surgery.

Liposuction recovery starts the moment you come around from sedation. We use advanced TIVA anaesthetic techniques to ensure that you wake up quicker and with less nausea, and your liposuction recovery can start immediately.

We recommend taking a week of work to allow for slight bruising and swelling to subside. Pain should be fairly minimal and you can usually resume normal daily activities and exercise within a few weeks. Strenuous activities are discouraged during this period. Light walking before your procedure prevents blood clotting and minimizes swelling.

Liposuction recovery involves minimal pain, but any excess pain can be managed with over the counter painkillers. You will be issued with a compression garment to reduce the swelling, and this should be worn for 6 weeks.

Liposuction recovery is finally complete form around 6 weeks when results should start to be visible. Full results will take between  6 – 12 months.  

When it comes to choosing which provider or surgeon to select as your chosen preference for your Liposuction procedure, safety and quality of care are typically the most important considerations to think about, alongside any Clinic and surgeon’s level of experience with Liposuction procedures.

That said, the cost of your surgery does of course also play a big part in any calculation.

Why Does Price Play An Important Role In Who To Choose For My Liposuction Procedure?

Costs are important factors to take into account when deciding which Clinic to proceed with for your surgery. There is a wide diversity in prices across the UK, with the key driving factors including:

  • Reputation, experience and quality of the Clinic
  • Reputation, experience and quality of the Surgeon
  • Reputation, experience and quality of the specialist Nursing staff
  • Quality of Clinical pre-and post operative care
  • Safety track record of Clinic and surgeon
  • Location of Clinic 

At the Cadogan Clinic we only work with the very best surgeons and nursing staff at our specialist facilities in Chelsea. Our emphasis is on providing safe, high quality surgery and excellent value for money to all of our patients.

How Much Is A Liposuction Procedure In The UK?

A Liposuction procedure starts from £3,950 for one area at the Cadogan Clinic. Two areas of liposuction costs £6,000 and three areas of liposuction costs £6,900.

All quoted costs online are guide prices only, and subject to confirmation following your in person consultation. Costs are also dependent on whether you have your liposuction under local or general anaesthetic.

Liposuction costs in the UK are not subject to VAT as they are medical procedures.

What Is Included In The Price?

Included in the cost for Liposuction treatment at the Cadogan Clinic is:

  • Up to two 30 minute – 60 minute consultations with a leading specialist plastic surgeon at our award-winning premises in Chelsea
  • Your procedure carried out at London’s leading specialist cosmetic surgery centre of excellence
  • Return home on the same day to recover in comfort in your own home
  • 24/7 on call nurse assistance
  • Dedicated Patient Co-ordinator, as a personal point of contact through your journey with Cadogan
  • A pre-operative medical assessment to ensure you are fit for surgery
  • Comprehensive post-operative aftercare courtesy of our specialist cosmetic nurses

Do You Offer Finance At The Cadogan Clinic?

The Cadogan Clinic offers and accepts finance via an array of high street providers. Please speak to one of our patient advisors, who can guide you to a trusted finance provider, accepted by the Clinic.

The procedure can be done under local or general anaesthesia, but can be uncomfortable, slower and more difficult to obtain good results under local anaesthesia.  We would reserve this for small areas, such as the neck, or smaller pockets of fat.  We use a variant anaesthesia called TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) that is delivered by our team of top anaesthetists.  Intravenous delivery enables our anaesthetic team to monitor the depth of anaesthesia more closely using a measurement of the brainwaves. The result is that you will wake up feeling much better than traditional anaesthesia and will be ready to go home the same day. 

Both men and women undergo liposuction every year to achieve a variety of different goals. For men, liposuction can often successfully treat gynecomastia and other fat areas around their chest and torso, while women use it more commonly around the stomach, hips and thighs. If one or more of the following apply to you, liposuction is an option to consider:

  • You have excess fat deposits on your hips, belly, thighs, neck or chest that won’t respond to diet or exercise.
  • You feel like certain areas are out of proportion with the rest of your figure. Reducing excess fat on one area of the body can bring it into better balance with your natural features.

Liposuction is excellent for reducing areas of fat and sculpting a beautifully natural contour, and using liposuction to remove excess fat on one area of the body can make you seem more in proportion. The ideal liposuction patient has localised fat deposits & good skin tone.

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations about what liposuction can achieve. If any of the following apply to you, then liposuction may only offer limited success in helping you achieve your goals. Your cosmetic surgeon can recommend the options best suited to your needs.

  • You have loose, sagging skin. Liposuction is designed specifically to target fatty tissue, it will not significantly improve the appearance of loose skin. Other body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck or body lift, may be better options for you.
  • You want to lose a significant amount of weight. Liposuction can improve your shape, which can help you look thinner and more fit, but it’s not a weight-loss method. While some overweight patients can benefit from the reshaping effects, the most satisfied patients tend to be happy with their weight prior to surgery.
  • You are just looking to address cellulite. While liposuction can remove fat, it cannot always remove the appearance of cellulite. If it is just cellulite and not fat removal that is your main concern, we recommend Cellulaze.

Liposuction alternatives do exist, although for substantial areas of fat reduction we would recommend traditional liposuction. This is because this technique is more effective at removing fat cells, tightening the skin and permanently changing the shape than other liposuction alternatives.

Liposuction alternatives include:

  • Surgical Fat Excision - the fat is removed, but it is not easy to thin large areas via this technique without multiple operations. This is really only useful if one is also removing the skin as in a breast reduction
  • Chemical injections  - Desoxycholic acid (Kybella, Lipodissolve, Aqualyx) destroys fat but is painful and requires multiple treatments. There is also little control as to where the injected drug will spread, again potentially causing irregularities. We do not use them at the Cadogan Clinic for these reasons.
  • Non-surgical treatments – good for those who do not want a surgical operation. These are significantly less effective when it comes to achieving meaningful results, and are not recommended for those looking for significant outcomes

Liposuction scars are caused by the tiny incisions required through which the very fine cannulas are inserted to perform the fat removal procedure. These are typically very small, and liposuction scars are typically very minimal as a result.

At the Cadogan Clinic we have many years experience with liposuction scars and are able to make these tiny scars as inconspicuous as possible.

We also use as few incisions as possible, and employ a gentle technique to avoid unnecessary trauma at the incision.

For those who naturally scar badly, such as keloid and hypertrophic scar formers, we have a comprehensive after care scar management programme that is designed to help manage liposuction scars as effectively as possible via the use of high energy devices and lasers.

Liposuction side effects are limited due to the relatively straightforward nature of the procedure. That said, liposuction side effects and risks do exist and it is important to be aware of them before going ahead with surgery

Liposuction side effects and risks, include (but are not limited to):

  • Numbness
  • Infection
  • Embolism
  • Edema
  • Allergic reaction

We have over 40 years of experience of liposuction at the Cadogan Clinic and we take extensive steps to manage these.

Our 24/7 nursing on call service is available for anyone experience liposuction side effects following surgery.        

Vaser Liposuction is liposuction that uses ultrasound waves to break up and liquify fat cells, in order to make them easier to extract.

We do not offer Vaser at the Cadogan Clinic given the very limited outcomes possible via this technique.

Before you decide to go ahead with your liposuction procedure, it is important that you choose a surgeon who is experienced and qualified to carry out this particular type of surgery. A good surgeon should be able to explain the procedure in great depth, as well as the recovery period and any potential risks or complications. These will vary depending on which part or parts of the body you are having treated. A good surgeon will also be honest about potential outcomes and help you to manage your expectations.

You should check that the surgeon is a specialist in lipo and when you have your initial consultation, make sure the surgeon has an extensive portfolio of liposuction before and after photographs that they can share with you so you can get a good idea of how the results of your surgery will look. Be sure to check out testimonials from previous patients.

A good liposuction surgeon will always put the patient’s mental and physical wellbeing ahead of everything else. If you are not physically and psychologically fit and healthy, an ethical surgeon will not attempt to perform the procedure.

Only registered doctors can perform cosmetic surgery in England. You can check if a liposuction surgeon is a registered doctor or surgeon on the General Medical Council (GMC) online register.

Some surgeons may be members of professional associations, such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) or the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). However there are some qualified surgeons who are experts in their field but choose not to sign up to a trade body for their own reasons.

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