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Liposuction can provide an efficient solution for the removal of unwanted fat from specific areas of the body, leaving a more defined shape. In particular, liposuction is especially effective in areas such as the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, chin, upper arms, breasts and knees.

Since introducing liposuction to the UK 30 years ago, the Cadogan Clinic founder, Mr Bryan Mayou, has pioneered the use of it in the UK. He has assembled a world-class team of surgeons, all based at our elegant, boutique clinic. In addition, due to our expertise in this procedure, we treat more liposuction patients each week than any other clinic and have perfected our techniques for minimally invasive procedures with the best results.

We offer the most effective liposuction techniques, all of which are suitable for both men and women: traditional liposuction, Body Jet liposuction and laser liposuction. Following a consultation with one of our specialists, we will recommend the most suitable liposuction treatment for you.

Whatever your personal reasons, Liposuction at the Cadogan Clinic will provide the leading UK consultants, techniques and facilities for your treatment. Our expert team is acutely aware that the appearance of your body can affect your confidence and everyday happiness, and as such we handle each case with sensitivity and discretion. You can rest assured your liposuction, performed at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built, central London clinic, will deliver the results you desire.

Liposuction Treatments

Why Choose Us?

Your choice of the top specialist surgeons in the country.

Beautiful, purpose-built facilities right in the heart of London.

No hidden costs – all prices quoted up front with flexible payment options.

Pioneers of innovative day case treatments for superior results and faster recovery.

Use of only the highest quality materials such as FDA-approved implants.

Expert aftercare in the hands of our wound-care and scar minimization team.

What Our Patients Say

  • "My liposuction with Dr Amar went exceptionally well, I’m very pleased with the results. I recommend this clinic" R.P London.

  • “Everything was brilliant. The staff were incredibly friendly and I was given exactly the right amount of information before my operation. I have already recommended this Clinic to friends and family.” Miss AS, 26

    Miss AS, 26
  • “I had my leg lipo surgery done today, and I am already very pleased with the result. I know it can only get better too. Please pass on a great big thank you to Mr Mayou and his team, my treatment and stay at the Clinic was outstanding”. Mrs S.H, 45

    Mrs S.H, 45
  • "As a 50+ sporty woman, altho not overweight, I could not budge some bulges, so I sought the liposuction master, Bryan Mayou, he delivered with calm, assured expertise. The anaesthetist (Andrew?) was charming and explained everything in advance. Helle, my angel nurse, tended me with immense warmth and kindness from throughout. After my painless bruises, I'm watching the minimal swelling go down. This has spurred me to kick-start a healthier diet to maintain my new slimlime body. I'm delighted and would recommend this clinic to anyone contemplating liposuction."

  • "I'm a 50+ sporty woman, and although not overweight could not budge some bulges. So I sought the liposuction master, Mr Bryan Mayou, and he delivered with calm, assured expertise". Jan 53, London.

  • "I had Liposuction and a Breast Lift together at the same time and it was the best thing I've ever done - I couldn't recommend Cadogan Cosmetics enough".

  • “I had my leg lipo surgery done today, and I am already very pleased with the result. I know it can only get better too. My treatment and stay at the Cadogan Clinic was outstanding”. Mrs S.H, London

    Lipo BJM

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